How to build local marketing strategy


Many businesses need to target a local audience with their marketing initiatives. How can brands increase revenue, brand advocacy, and brand awareness with a successful local marketing strategy? Customer expectations and demands have changed substantially over the years, and businesses must have a local marketing strategy to gain a competitive advantage.


Building a Powerful local marketing strategy - Local marketing is promoting your products or service within a specified radius or precise location. Moreover, giants like Nike, Netflix, and McDonald’s are implementing local marketing strategies, adding more strength to the global brands. It’s not only for businesses with physical locations or brick-or-mortar stores but also extends to online businesses delivering or catering services to local areas. Here’s all you need to know!


How it works - Demographics, experiences, psychographics, and many other factors influence consumer behavior. If you want your sales to double in Amsterdam, you can’t execute the same marketing tactics you used for Paris because what worked for one location might not necessarily work for the other. You need to think local. When you specifically craft your marketing communications and attract people in a particular location, you have a high chance of converting them without exhausting your marketing budget.


Local marketing paves the way for better brand interactions and customer experience. Local marketing strategy needs to have an integrated approach. From landing pages to advertisements, you need to rethink everything from a local standpoint. Marketers use various tools such as beacons, maps, and sensors for precise locations, personalizing the promotions for the nearby users. People visit the closest stores with the best reviews and high rankings. Sponsor local events, create and distribute local marketing collateral and leverage social to increase brand awareness and drive meaningful impact.


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