Elite Grayhammer Mugger Monster Location

In the second section of the Grey Hammer map, just after the minecart Lost Ark Gold, you'll see the elite Grayhammer Mugger within the next set of enemies that you must defeat. He's in the northern corner, alongside another of his sub-bosses.


Elite Raid Group Supplier Monster Location

Take a southerly route starting from Lakebar Village down to the Raid Group Camp. When you arrive, turn west as soon as you are able, and then into the small camp in the north behind the weapons rack. Then, you'll find the Elite Raid Group Supplier.

Medrick Monastery

Boss Red Poisonous Locust Monster Location

You can take the path to the southwest from the Freyad Lake Triport in Medrick Monastery. When you reach the end of the path, in the area populated by bandits and scavengers, your Boss Red Poisonous Lung should be visible. However, the speed of its spawn can be unpredictable, and you might want to change instances using the switch in the top-right corner on your screen.

Raging Darkness Cragolith Monster Location

There could be a naming error here, and the monster you'll see is 'Crazed Darkness Cragolith' - but it'll give you that approval you require to complete your West Luterra Adventurer's Tome to the "Raging Darkness Cragolith' monster. Head from into the Medrick Monastery Triport towards the Lakebar portal. The portal opens to an area that has a tree in the middle. On the other side, to the west of the tree, is the Darkness Cragolith you'll need.

Raging Elemental Monster Location

At to the Medrick Monastery Triport, head to the southwest for as far as you can go. The path then turns northwest after which it turns northeast cheap Lost Ark Gold. Don't pay attention to the northwest direction and continue northeast towards the dead-end. The fork is at the point where you turn right - and you'll find Raging Elemental. Raging Elemental in a group of enemies in this area.