Animal Crossing: If the information leaked from Datamine is accurate, New Horizons may expand the map in future updates. In a recent video, Mori, the mayor of YouTube's Animal Crossing channel, explained some leaked information extracted from the game's 1.10.0 update, such as the so-called map extension. Most players Buy Animal Crossing Bells on the store, welcome you any time.

According to the video, data miners made it possible to find adjustments to the game's "mSouthShoreBaseline.f32" parameter, which increased from 500 to 1000. This parameter and boundary may limit the digital camera's chance to move in a unique direction or area, so helping the value of "mSouthShoreBaseline.f32" ensures that the camera can move further south than before. This has resulted in rumors more content could be added on the southern part of the key game island, which might be a new smaller island, an extension cord of the current island, or brand new diving and swimming area.

Unfortunately, Mayor Mori continued to explain which the user with the "mSouthShoreBaseline.f32" parameter isn't limited towards the main island, but they can also be used in other areas with the game, for instance, Mystery Tours. The changes made for the parameters seen in Datamine could be used limited to testing rather than prepared for upcoming content, including map extensions.

In addition, the "mSouthShoreBaseline.f32" parameter of the main island is often set to your higher value mentioned previously, which further indicates the change could have nothing to do with its expansion. Fans Buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells continue. This doesn't imply that at some stage in the future, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will not have an island expansion, as this is work that Nintendo should be planning or focusing on.

Fans must wait and pay attention to what Nintendo plans for the long term of its beloved island simulation game. Hopefully, the disclosure will likely be earlier than late.