Power of mobile marketing in a cookieless future


There’s a growing body of evidence, suggesting that people are more obsessed with their mobiles than ever before. For marketers and brands, this obsession translates into incredible opportunity, especially as the third-party cookie crumbles and relationship marketing emerges as king of the mobile marketing in a cookieless future.


Smartphones are often the first thing people check in the morning and the last thing they touch at night. Undoubtedly, mobile has become an inextricable extension of the modern consumer and as such, has emerged as the heartbeat of relationship marketing. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that people spend an average of four hours every day clicking, tapping, swiping, and watching on their mobile devices – that’s at least a quarter of their waking hours.


Challenges, trends and opportunities - Popular forms of A2P (application-to-person messaging or business SMS) messages include marketing campaigns, promotional codes, appointment reminders, account security codes, bank alerts, and shipping notifications. That hesitancy can be attributed to a number of factors, including trouble getting started, investment justification and intimidation by regulation. However, some brands and organisations are still hesitant to latch on the mobile marketing trend. Here are few ways to leverage mobile marketing to create lasting relationships with customers:


Create a value exchange: Before any marketing can occur, you must gain consent to communicate with your audience and learn about their true interests. This is not limited to promotions, but could be for convenience, better service, information updates, exclusive access to content and the list goes on — this is called creating a “value exchange.” First, an organisation must identify its value proposition whereby a customer feels that there is a compelling reason to access that value by enrolling in a loyalty program.


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