As we all know, there are four basic types of matter that make up the world: liquids, solids, gases, and plasmas, and the weird, inexplicable stuff your science teacher told you makes up most planets.

They're right -- even though plasma is the least known state of matter, it's oddly the most prevalent type of matter in the visible universe. According to ITER, an international nuclear fusion research and engineering mega-project based in France, 99.99% of the matter in the visible universe, including stars and interstellar matter, is in a plasma state.

In liquids, gases and solids, nuclei and electrons are closely related, but in plasmas, electrons are stripped from atoms under different temperature conditions. This dissociation produces an ionized gas whose properties are quite different from those of a typical average gaseous substance.

Over the last century, scientists have devoted an entire field to the study of strange matter: plasma physics. When scientists tried to recreate the physical reactions that take place in the sun and stars to capture any resulting energy, they discovered two very ingenious properties of plasma: its stellar conductivity and its sensitivity to magnetic fields. Unlike gases, plasmas are good conductors of electricity and can be shaped by magnetic fields, according to the study.

How plasma arc lighters work

Based on the principle of plasma generation, the application of plasma arc lighters was born. Plasma arc lighters do not produce a flame, but generate heat through a small arc high-voltage current, and use this arc to ignite. The arc is hotter than the flame of a traditional lighter, and the heat is in a more concentrated area. Inside the lighter is a simple circuit. After the switch is turned on, the circuit is turned on, and an arc is generated between the positive and negative poles. To use you activate the purple arc with the push of a button, then simply place whatever you want to illuminate directly in the path of the arc.

Plasma arc lighters work on the same principle as lightning. Lightning occurs when the charge in the cloud builds up or reaches the ability of that charge to move through the air, and charged particles either jump between the clouds or down to the ground, creating huge amounts of plasma, light, heat and sound arc.

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