laser velocimeter is a device that measures the moving distance of the object to be measured within a certain time interval through laser emission, and calculates the moving speed of the object.

Public transport by rail or tram emphasizes easier, more advanced and safer monitoring and maintenance. Accurate measurements of field data by rail inspection systems ensure extended rail life and reliability of public transport services. These detections can be achieved by laser velocimeters.

It can also be used for wire cutting monitoring of plates and pipes, length and speed measurement of cables or sandpaper, as well as speed and length measurement of textiles such as flannel and fur, coated or viscose surfaces, and foam rubber surfaces.

The laser velocimeter is based on the principle of laser ranging. Laser ranging (ie, electromagnetic waves, whose speed is 300,000 km/s), is to emit a laser beam to the measured object and receive the reflected wave of the laser beam. Record the time difference to determine the distance between the object under test and the test point. Laser speed measurement is to measure the distance of the measured object twice with a specific time interval, and obtain the moving distance of the measured object within the period of time, so as to obtain the moving speed of the measured object.

Features of laser velocimeters

1. Since the laser beam is basically a ray, the estimated speed distance is farther than the effective distance of radar speed measurement, which can be measured 1000M away;

2. The speed measurement accuracy is high, and the error is less than 1 km;

3. In view of the principle of laser speed measurement, the laser speed measurement device cannot be used in motion and can only be used in a stationary state; therefore, the general traffic police put the instrument on the patrol car and park it for stationary use.

4. The laser velocimeter used in most countries is a type of safety laser, which is safe for human eyes.

5. The forensic capability of the laser speedometer is far greater than that of the radar speedometer, so it has been widely recognized and promoted all over the world, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, China and so on.

6. The power consumption of the laser tachometer is relatively low, and two AA batteries can be used continuously for 20 hours.

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