Blue Rose is very tall, almost catch up with Bai Xiao, can not see the specific age, but should not be small. She glanced at Xiao Wang lightly. Xiao Wang said hurriedly, "Teacher Luo, this is Bai Xiao. She came to apply for a static model. Teacher Gao asked you to make up for her. This is Huang Yaoshi's style." "Good," Blue Rose answered softly, and then asked in reply: "What he asked me to do I do what? Bai Xiao seemed to see Xiao Wang's legs trembling, and then heard him answer hurriedly: "I don't know, I don't know.". I'm sorry, Mr. Luo. I've already brought him. There's still work there. I'll go first. As he spoke, he also walked away quickly. Let Bai Xiao can not help but think: recently always see the devil, there are always people who take her to see the devil and very irresponsible to slip out first. Blue Rose did not embarrass Bai Xiao, she just asked Bai Xiao to sit down with her eyes closed and began her work. The process of makeup is hard to say, anyway, Bai Xiao has been very obedient to close his eyes, did not see anything. She only felt her glasses taken off, her wig put on, and then a gentle hand smeared on her face, and then. Blue rose level should be very good, at least in the process of makeup, Bai Xiao is very comfortable, comfortable to fall asleep. Just when Bai Xiao was about to fall asleep, the faint voice of Blue Rose with a cold feeling finally sounded: "Open your eyes, you can go to the floor mirror to have a look." In front of Bai Xiao was a large cosmetic mirror, but when she opened her eyes, she deliberately did not look at the mirror,heavy duty rack manufacturers, she wanted to see herself in the full-body mirror at a glance, and did not want to see only half of her body to destroy the impression. This careful thought is obviously not in line with the habit of the white night in the past, but now Bai Xiao did not notice that she especially liked Huang Yaoshi when she read Jin Yong's novels from an early age, and this meeting is already full of expectations. The image in the mirror is somewhat beyond Bai Xiao's expectation, which is absolutely beautiful in the other direction. As soon as I shone in the full-length mirror, I was far away, and it seemed that there was a misty blue shadow in the rain and fog. Then as she approached, the blue figure gradually became clear. Long robe big sleeve, meaning Xing Xiao Shu, Ying Ying a grip of the slender waist was tied by a blue cloth belt,heavy duty cantilever racks, weak in the indescribable casual Qingqiao. This is clearly a woman in men's clothes. The hair on her temples was tied into a strand at random, and the black hair hung down behind her back, in front of her chest, and down to her waist, holding up this graceful and comely figure like a banished immortal, with quiet eyebrows and eyes, hard to draw. Bai Xiao never thought that he could show such a temperament, really, people like green hills, green hills as steep, clear, tall and straight, aloof woman. It's really wonderful. This is not Huang Yaoshi, and it seems to be Huang Yaoshi. Blue Rose finally showed a little smile: "Yes, your own temperament is very simple and casual with a little cool, it is easy for me to have inspiration, did not expect that the smelly beard finally has a little vision." The way she looked at Bai Xiao was like looking at her own work, her own child. Bai Xiao felt that she was suddenly kind and could not help laughing: "Thank you, you have a pair of thorough eyes." Blue Rose's eyes are filled with a trace of fatigue: "Too thorough may not be good, industrial racking systems ,teardrop pallet racking, you go." Bai Xiao smiled, nodded and walked outside the door. She knew that this person did not need to be comforted by others, just like herself. When the short beard saw Bai Xiao again, he showed great excitement and joy and excitement, and he was almost three feet high. Of course, with his size and jumping ability, it's unrealistic to jump three feet high. "Bai Xiao?" He first questioned, then nodded affirmatively, and then laughed so loudly that the corners of his eyes seemed to splash a little tear. He paced excitedly in a circle and said to himself, "Yes, yes, it has such a good effect.". That's great! That's great! The shadow of the peach blossom falls and flies to the sword, and the blue sea and the tide give birth to the jade Xiao. In late spring, the peaches were ripe, but I came to take pictures of the Peach Blossom Island. The people on the Peach Blossom Island laughed. Good, very good! This time, the publicity of the Peach Blossom Island series will be successful, no, it will be an unprecedented success! No, no, I can't shoot in the studio. I have to prepare well. It's no problem to shoot in a few days. I must prepare well first! Yes, sign, sign first! Xiao Wang, Xiao Liu, get ready! He scurried up to Bai Xiao and grinned, his moustache covering him so that he could hardly see him. "Bai Xiao.." Bai Xiaoji gave a shiver. Short.. She almost didn't call out the short beard, "Teacher Gao, I'm here to apply for a static model, even if I want to train and so on, it doesn't matter with the publicity of Peach Blossom Island, right?" The short beard waved his big hand with great momentum: "That's right!"! It's you! You are the most suitable! He laughed proudly again: "Ha ha ha ha, I said, when I missed the vision, I said Huang Yaoshi is Huang Yaoshi!"! Haha, it's a young and female version of Huang Yaoshi, but isn't it more interesting? Hey, hey. Bai Xiao saw that he had completely fallen into the illusion of wishful thinking, and he was really helpless. For this art madman, he did not agree for fear of being torn by him now, but he was afraid that he did not have that professional accomplishment, and he tore it up in the middle of the shooting. Frowning, Bai Xiao thought, don't you want Huang Yaoshi? Who is Huang Yaoshi? The most intuitive summary is unruly, love and hate clearly, willful. To put it simply, it is called bad temper. Have a bad temper, right? Bai Xiao snorted coldly and looked down at the short beard in an irresistible tone: "Shut up!"! Did I say I would? I would never play anyone else! Short beard is stupefied, laugh again next: "Ha-ha, right, be such, be such! Be such!"! That's what I want! Good, good! You don't have to be someone else, you just have to be yourself! All right, just keep yourself to yourself! The guy waved his hand again and made a firm decision. "That's it!"! I want to shoot a series of Peach Blossom Island promotional film, you do the leading role, let's sign it! Bai Xiao is speechless. Volume 1: Twenty-four Bridges, Bright Moon Night, Chapter 19: Shen Cuo Bai Xiao finally found a job. The process is like an adventure, and the result is absurd. Let her consider, is not based on the experience of finding a job,push back racking system, write a "city adventure" or something, for example, similar to "Pinocchio".