Qi Yan let go. Ruan Gu pulled the quilt apart completely. Eight-pack abs beautiful man bed picture. Ruan Gu quickly put the quilt back and bit his lower lip, "Why don't you wear clothes?" ” "To warm you with body temperature." The pillow slammed into his face. Qi Yan grabbed the pillow and threw it behind him, his tongue topped his cheek, "You have changed, you would never throw me with a pillow before." ” Ruan Gu turned his face sideways, "If you don't always say this kind of thing, I won't be like this..." Her voice became quieter, and she was inexplicably a little weak-hearted. She glanced up at him, "So, why do you always like to say such things?" And it doesn't make any sense..." Qi Ran wrapped his hands around Ruan Gu's waist and gently pulled her to the edge of the bed, supporting her upper body. The lower jaw was placed on Nguyen Gou's shoulder. Qi Yan kissed her on the side of his head. "These words can make you move, how to call it meaningless." Qi Yan hugged her from behind, his tongue lightly licking the side of Ruan Gu's cheek, affectionate and thoughtful. "As long as I say this, a certain little old woman will be ashamed and angry, how cute." Ruan Gu's body softened, and his back was leaning against Qi Burning, "I will be happy if you do other things." ” "Such as?" Like what...? She just meant to coax him. Qi Yan took it seriously and asked her again, "What else?" ” Nguyen Gu Wei Dun: "Like picking a star in the sky or running to my dream to be a unicorn?" ” "Are you kidding me?" “... ...” Qi Yan scooped up the quilt and wrapped Ruan Gu in it. The two people are like newborn baby cicada pupae huddled together. The phone started calling. Ruan Gu glanced at it, "No? ” "It's training." "Don't you want to go?" Qi Yan opened his eyes and looked at her, "Don't you go,tape measure clip, aren't you going to leave tomorrow?" I want to be with you all the time today. ” Nguyen Gou: "When you're all done with the game, we'll see you again." ” "It's been a few months, and we're still in the honeymoon season, and it should be like three autumns apart." Qi Ran looked at her accusatively. It's like an empty and lonely girl. They have their own way of getting along. Outside, Qi Yan never spoiled her, but in private, he liked to pestering her and liked to watch Ruan Gu coax him. Preferring quietness, she gushed out infinite warmth and spirituality. For example,Horse weight lbs, now. Ruan Gu thought for a long time, and in Qi Yan's expectant eyes, he opened his mouth to reassure him, "Aren't Zhang Xie and Feng Xing going to get married?" Just next month, when the time comes, we can see each other too. ” Qi Yan rubbed closer and was about to speak. Nguyen Gu spoke again. "Speaking of which, thank you for letting me be the one who picked up the bouquet..." "Depend, you're married!" "Well, I know it too, but thanks for wanting to give me the bouquet... It was her dream. ” Qi Yan looked at her solemnly and seriously, "The bouquet is picked up by people who want to get married, not married women like you." ” Nguyen Gu looked at him. Tease him. "Actually, we can leave first, and then tie the knot after receiving the bouquet?" Qi Burning fingers are under the monster.Ruan Gu snorted. Qi Yan bit down on her jaw, "You dare." ” Saying that, fish measuring tape ,Fish measuring board, Qi Yan was not at ease and continued to say another sentence. "If she dares to chase you and let you do it, I promise to trip her up." "Childish ghosts." "My legs are long and I'm wayward." Qi Yan hugged her tightly and muttered, "A lot of age, I finally know why my legs are long." ” Chapter 70: The Absurd Passage There are still a lot of games to play, and there are going to be a lot of games that need to stay in this country. Ruan Gu's work has also accumulated a lot, and he can no longer continue to accompany him here. The next morning, Qi Ran, who was absent from a full day of training, the dead pig was not afraid of boiling water and lacked a morning of training, and sent Ruan Gu to the airport. Ruan Gu looked at the phone that kept shining and being hung up, and looked at the fire, "Are you really not going to train?" "Don't go, you're more important!" Qi Ran gave the taxi driver a position, leaned back on the back of the chair, and said, "I tell you, the more incompetent coaches have more rules, and the more incompetent the team trains, do you see me like that kind of incompetent person?" "Not like." Think hard and answer well. Her eyes are like cats, and the light in her pupils is burning, very cute. Qi Ran's throat was a little itchy, and he sat close to Ruan Gu, his lips lightly touching her eyelids. "I train a lot, I may not get a phone call, you remember to message me every day." "What do you say?" "Just say what you did today, big and small things want to know." Nguyen Gur reveals a pear swirl. Smiling. Like a squirrel storing oak chestnuts in autumn. The joy of stealing. An hour's drive, the two arrived at the airport. Qi Ran dragged his suitcase and walked behind, and Ruan Gu took his ID card and received the ticket. "One more hour?" "Hmm." Qi Yan: "Strolling around?" ” Nguyen Gu grabbed him and shook his head, "No, you can go back." She took the initiative to open her hands and gently hugged Qi Yan, tiptoeing, and her voice was attached to Qi Yan's ear, "Race come on." ” Qi Yan hugged her with his backhand, "The next time we meet, will the baby kick someone?" ” "Not so fast." Qi Yan breathed a sigh of relief, "That's fine." ” Nguyen Gur waved goodbye to him. Back in China, Ruan Gu contacted the director to prepare relevant materials for the filming of the qipao documentary. Ruan Gu and Chen Shengkun were very compatible, and the two only had one week to finalize the first theme of the shooting. Cloth. The crew members understand shooting and editing, and are not familiar with the knowledge of fabrics, and Ruan Gu is fully responsible for this part. The material of the qipao is very important, and the qipao made of different textures will have different styles and charms. The traditional cloth is generally brocade, and now due to the development of textile technology and printing and dyeing technology, there are printed cotton, wool, yarn and so on. Cotton is warm and moist, silk is gorgeous, brocade is fancy,cattle weight tape, each with its own characteristics. Nguyen Gur went to a cloth market to buy back a few horses of various types of cloth and wanted to make them into cheongsam.Chen Shengkun originally did not have too many expectations, because under the impact of modern garments, the production process of traditional qipao has been on the verge of being lost. tapemeasure.net