First, what are the factors that affect the strength of disposable medical products?

1. Problems of TPE material mixing system

The type of rubber substrate, the proportion of plastic, the content of oil, etc., will affect the tearing strength of the mixed material;

2, TPE material degradation or repeated use performance decline

The higher the molding processing temperature, the more processing times, including tearing strength and many physical properties of the material will become worse;

3. Stress defects

Products have sharp inner edges or edges, there are stress gaps, easy to lead to stress concentration. In the encounter of tensile tear, the product tear from these positions.

How to improve the strength of disposable medical products

2. For the material mixing system, the suggestions are as follows:

A, choose high molecular weight, star structure of SEBS substrate;

B. Appropriately increase the proportion of plastic components (such as PP, PS, LLDPE) if the material property requirements permit;

C, on the premise of ensuring physical properties, reduce the amount of oil added appropriately;

D. Appropriately reduce the amount of calcium carbonate and other inorganic filler powder;

Understand the forming characteristics of the material, using moderate processing temperature; When using secondary material, pay attention to control the proportion of its addition (generally secondary material is not more than 25% of the amount of addition); Product and mold design to avoid sharp or abrupt Angle, as far as possible to design the corner into an arc shape, to reduce stress defects.

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