Mak Hsiao-ming looked very nervous at this time. He didn't even dare to breathe. When he heard Tan Jiucheng drink, he seemed to be taken aback. He whispered to Miao Sulan, "Tell them to leave the people on the ground alone.." Miao Sulan did not speak, stepped forward two steps, pushed open the screen door behind the hall, and stepped over. As soon as Qunhao saw Miao Sulan leaving, he immediately followed him. They crossed the double hall and came to an arch. After the round gate, there is a large courtyard with the size of mu. The ground is paved with one-foot square white stones to form a cross-shaped stone path, which leads to all sides. Except for one end leading to the round gate, the other three extremities are all tall buildings surrounded by winding corridors and painted pavilions. Apart from the crisscross road in the middle and a few piles of rockeries and clusters of flowers and trees, the ground is full of stones of various shapes, weaving a zigzag and zigzag road. Qunhao looked at the tall buildings on three sides and did not know which side to go. One by one, he stayed on the spot in a daze, feeling that he did not know where to go. Suddenly, in the dark corridors on both sides, there was a burst of drums and bells. This voice, very hurried, heard Qunhao upset. Qunhao followed the sound and saw a figure wriggling in the dark corridor, and two teams of people came out. Two groups of people came slowly to the atrium, only to see a group of ten people on the left, dressed in colorful clothes, wearing red cloaks, and ten people on the right, wearing green cloaks. These two groups of people, their faces are all painted,Glass Cosmestic Containers, their long hair is loose, they hang down their waists, they hold a small leather drum in their left hand, and they tap gently with their right fingers. On the waist of each person, there is a hand, which holds a copper bell and makes a "choking" sound. Such grotesque people appeared in the dark and gloomy palace, only to see Qunhao's hair standing on end. Qunhao are all battle-hardened people. In "Chuiyang Village", they once fought with the strange people of "Wanhua Palace". As soon as they saw the two teams of three-handed strange people coming slowly, they immediately gathered their strength and formed a semicircular formation,30ml Dropper Bottle, ready to wait. The two teams of three-handed monsters, with drums and bells ringing, walked into the courtyard and stood in the shape of "eight", with their eyes focused on Qunhao and their mouths giving out "hissing and squeaking". The confrontation lasted for a long time with a cup of hot tea, but there was no movement from these strange people. Among the heroes, it seems that some people have been disturbed by the sound of drums and bells, and gradually some people have made the sound of impatient breathing. Just then, the eight seven-corner gauze lamps in front of the building in the middle suddenly lit up. As soon as the two groups of strange men saw the lights on, the drums and bells in their hands shook their claps even more vigorously, arousing a kind of incomparable noise in the empty courtyard. There was a rumbling sound, and the two doors of the main hall suddenly opened wide. There was a sound of rolling again, but Huang Qi was flying, and an iron cart sped up from the door. The car came so fast that it did not see its appearance until it was in front of it. It looks like a round seat, about three feet high, the bottom of the seat is full of small round wheels, the seat is covered with thick swan velvet, in front of and behind the seat, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,30ml dropper bottle, there is a special copper box, on which more than eight feet of apricot yellow curtain hangs heavily. In the apricot yellow curtain, there sits a dark shadow. Zhong Yihao was stunned and wanted to ask Mai Xiaoming, but as soon as he turned his face, there was no trace of him. When he was confused, he suddenly heard a shrill sneer in the car, which was not only shrill and harsh, but also sounded like a loud bell, several times louder than ordinary people. At this time, the two groups of strange people, three hands hanging down, the sound of drums and bells, suddenly stopped. The man in the car burst out laughing and made a very cold voice, saying, "Tiantai Wanhua Palace is a fairyland and a ghost land!"! You these things, I do not know how high the sky, how thick the earth, dare to rely on the courage of a little blood, trespass into my'Wanhua Palace '.. At this point, he burst out laughing again and said, "I'd like to see what kind of people you are with three heads and six arms." The iron car moved forward two feet, the front two pieces of yellow, slowly rolled up, the appearance of the people sitting in the car, immediately clearly appeared. As soon as Qunhao saw the people in the car, they could not help but be shocked, but Wan Yingxia was so shocked that she cried out. It turned out that a man in a black robe was sitting in the car. His head was tied with a gold hoop, his long hair was worn back, his face was scarred, his eyebrows were rotten, a three-inch meat curtain hung over his left eye, which covered his left eye. His right eye was as big as a pigeon's egg, protruding out of his eye socket, and his upper lip was rotten to the root of his nose, revealing long white teeth. This ugly appearance made it impossible to measure his age. His left hand rested on the copper box in front of the seat, his right hand clung to a silver whisk, and his hands were as thin as chicken feet. He suddenly heard a cry of surprise from Wan Yingxia. He knew in his heart that he must have seen his own appearance. He was so frightened that he cried out. This was the thing he hated most. He turned over his prominent right eye and said in a harsh voice, "Have you ever seen the warning I left on the cliff of Shiliang?" Although Qunhao are courageous people, but in the face of this strange man, also can not help but have a sense of fear, for a while, no one came forward to answer. As soon as the strange man saw that Qunhao was ignoring him, he seemed to be very impatient. He glanced at him and said, "If no one talks to me again, don't blame me.." At this point, he suddenly changed his tune and said, "Since you dare to enter my'Tiantai Wanhua Palace 'for no reason, I don't have to talk to you anymore.." Huangfu Tianchang heard his arrogant tone, suddenly remembered the invasion of "Chuiyang Village", and remembered that the red flower princess, who looked like a man of heaven and looked like a spring flower, had been robbed by this ugly man. His heart was filled with anger and hatred. At that moment, he snorted coldly and stepped out. "Who are you?" The one-eyed monster shouted. Huangfu Tianchang filled his chest with anger and said proudly, "You don't have to ask me who I am. Let me ask you. My'Chuiyang Village 'and your'Wanhua Palace', well water and river water,cosmetic packaging wholesale, do not invade each other. Why do you invade each other for no reason.." The one-eyed monster had never been so criticized. He was so angry that the scar on his face twitched. "Shut up!" He snapped. Huangfu Tianchang knew that he couldn't give up when he came here. With a strong sense of courage, he continued, "Princess Honghua stayed in my'Chuiyang Village '. You ignored all the rules of Wulin and robbed people in the village.." "Shut up!" The one-eyed monster shouted angrily. 。