Grosgrain took off her bloody shirt for her sister, but the sight made her almost faint. Sister's right shoulder bone, almost broken into pieces, immediately broken mind, shouted, "cold-faced fool, my sister's bones are cracked, you do not ask the doctor!" Liang Zhixing listened anxiously outside the tent. "Give me her wrist quickly!" Grosgrain cried with tears, "Come in and see, you are her husband, what do you want to avoid?"? Go and get the doctor! Just now, she left with her sister's stretcher and did not hear the argument of the Liangshi brothers. What's more, who has time to take care of other things when they are anxious? "I am a doctor, and she is my sister-in-law!" Good trip into the account, "give me sister-in-law's wrist!" Sister-in-law? Luo Satin was stunned and gently handed his sister's wrist to his hand. The good line refers to just touch, that weak pulse condition makes his heart big frightened, "you block the sister-in-law body, I need to check the injury." Luo Satin has no time to ask carefully, holding a short shirt to cover her sister's crisp chest, "come quickly!" Good trip to lift the account, into the eyes is frightened, "come, bring me the medical box!" Piner hurriedly handed over, the trip to open the box to take the hemostatic powder, the whole bottle sprinkled on the half of the shoulder bone, "eldest brother!" His heart stood outside the tent, and he knew that he could not add to the confusion when he went to see Jane. As a result, from the beginning, he pursed his pale lips without a sound,Kava Root Extract, and when he heard the call, he immediately answered, "My heart is here!" "Go and get the herb that you cured my broken leg. Sister-in-law's bone is cracked!" "Wow-" the heart wailed, turned around and ran, ".. Jane's bone is cracked, and her heart wants to save Jane. My heart wants to save Jane. They bumped into Wang Yun head-on. When Wang Yun saw her son like this, she was surprised and frightened. "How is your son?" "Mother, get out of the way." Jane's bone is cracked. My heart wants to save Jane. Get out of the way. The heart pushes away the mother, while wiping tears while running while crying, "Wind brother wind uncle wind grandpa, you let the heart run faster,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, the heart to save Jane son..." The good father was afraid that his crazy son would have an accident, so he wanted to reach out to stop him. He didn't want to just blink. His son knocked over countless potted flowers and trees, but rushed out of the gate as fast as the wind. This Just as Liangde was about to catch up and see what was going on, he was stopped by his wife's cry of surprise. "Oh, my poor son!"! The trip, you quickly give the son treatment ah! This, this, this.. "What to do." Chapter 9 Love is hard to wake up 1. Updated March 13, 2009 9:43:00 Words: 1,319 Luo Zhe woke up in the shaking of the fool. Of course, this shaking is not the shaking in reality. Even if this fool is to stay again, also know that at this time the wife can not resist a touch, but, he actually seems to run into his dream. She wanted to sleep deeply for a while, but everywhere she went, as soon as she closed her eyes, the fool cried and found himself, shaking and shaking her to wake up. She wanted to scold him, but her mouth was silent; she wanted to pinch him and pinch her, but her hands were weak. As a last resort, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, in the deafening cry of the fool, he opened his eyelids, which were actually heavy and astringent: "This fool, who doesn't know how to pity and cherish the jade, must treat him well." Oh, it really hurts. With a slight itch on her cheek, she shook her head slightly, only to realize that she had a thick bandage on her right neck and shoulder. Slanted his head, Xianggong's beautiful face, which had just scratched her cheek, turned out to be two rows of long eyelashes on this beautiful face. At the moment in the heart, this fool, do not let her sleep well, he is so comfortable. Raised his left hand, Luo Yan wanted to pull his big ears of gold ingots, but the crystal beads falling from the two rows of eyelashes stopped her. Could it be that the fool cried for a few days after he fell asleep? “…… Xianggong. Xianggong.. The voice is dry, "Wan Su." Piner. Pour a cup of tea. "Miss!" "Sister!" Two figures suddenly jumped up. It turned out that Luo Satin and Wan Su were sleeping on the side of the round table. Although her movements were slight, she quickly awakened the two people who could not really sleep all the time. "Amitabha, Miss, you've finally woken up." Wansu cried and laughed. "You scared the maidservant to death. It's all the maidservant's fault. If the maidslave was by your side, how could the two animals hurt you.." This girl, very clever child, how can you forget to pour a cup of tea first? Luo Yan coughed, "girl, first." "水 ! Sister, you want to drink water, right? Luo Satin carried the small kettle on the table, "the cold-faced fool said that when my sister woke up, she had better moisten her throat with clear water, honey water and tea water should be avoided first." Wan Su lowered his body to help, but was blocked by the heart lying on the head of the bed, "Guye, Miss.." "Let him sleep." With his left hand propped up, he leaned back slightly and leaned on the soft pillow. As soon as he swallowed a mouthful of water, a fool suddenly shouted, "Lady, Lady, Jane," and jumped up. He was so frightened that the small pot in his hand shook and the water was sprinkled on the brocade quilt. Lady, you wake up quickly, you don't sleep. Lady?! Luo Jue suddenly became infamy again: "How dare this fool really shout like this in her ear, so that he can't take advantage of the situation to sleep?" Idiot, come here! "Lady." His black eyes were so big and round that he looked at his wife who had slept for several days and finally could take a pair of beautiful eyes to stare at him. He carefully stuck to her, "Lady, don't you sleep?" With his left hand, Luo picked up the earlobe that the fool had sent to the door. "How can I sleep with you making noise beside me?" "Miss, you have wronged your son-in-law.". Apart from refusing to leave you for a step these days, my son-in-law has not quarreled or quarreled, and has been quietly looking at you. Also, you also advise Guye to eat more or less. During the seven or eight days when you were asleep, Guye only drank a few mouthfuls of water. He didn't even eat the vegetarian porridge that Fan Cheng bought. "Really?" Luo Shen Xiu Yan, "why not eat?" The heart thin lips curved, as if to cry but endure to go back, "Jane son pain, the heart is also painful, Jane son a lot of blood, the heart is very painful, the heart does not want to eat." How can this fool be so thin? In the past, the face with the color of beautiful jade has been cut off more than two circles, and the thin red lips have become pale, especially under a pair of big black eyes, it is a thick blue halo. Alas, Luo Yi pecked him on the forehead. "Now,Thyroid Powder Factory, I'm ready. Is it time to eat?" "Well, my wife eats it, too." 。