"Today is my first time out of the city experience, your skill is very good, much better than those clumsy zombies, if you can block my three swords, you hurt my people to write off how?" The boy looked straight at Ke Bei, and the white sè battle robe moved with the wind. I'm not a good sparring partner. I only kill people. A three-inch long willow leaf throwing knife appeared in the palm of his hand, and Ke Bei said with an expressionless face. Chapter 13 trouble that can't be avoided. Chapter 13 can not avoid the trouble, to the website. The fourteenth chapter cuts the grass but fails to eradicate it. The fourteenth chapter cuts the grass but fails to eradicate it. "It doesn't matter whether you are the right person to be tested or not. You won't know until you try." With a sneer, the young man in white trembled fiercely with a long sword of blood in his hand, and the sharp sword was cold in the sunshine. In that case, let's fight. Ke Bei slowly closed his eyes, then took a deep breath, and his eyes suddenly opened. His right hand slowly reached behind his back and pulled out the ju slanting on the quilt. Holding the wooden handle of Piao Dao and feeling the slightly thick blade, Ke Bei raised his eyes and gazed at the young man with beautiful eyebrows in white. "Bang" The sole of the foot mercilessly steps on the ground, the calf muscle moment tightens, Ke Bei's body fiercely flicks sh shè to go out, he does not know any posture skill, is completely uses the brute force. The young man in white looked calmly at Ke Bei, who was rushing straight over. Speed was his strong point. His posture was very light and agile. When Ke Bei was about to approach the three-meter range beside him, the young man in white finally moved. His toes touched the ground lightly. His body was like a fallen leaf floating in the autumn wind,Interactive digital signage, leisurely drifting, and in an instant he came to Ke Bei. Whew. The long sword of blood sè crossed a graceful arc, like a plum blossom of blood sè blooming at the tip of the sword. Ke Bei fiercely stepped on the ground, the body suddenly stopped, ju sword suddenly cut up, clang, splashed a spark. The young man in white took advantage of the situation to turn his sword,facial recognization camera, which did not diminish at all, and stabbed Ke Bei's arm ruthlessly. Awful Ke Bei's face suddenly changed, his body quickly retreated, and his eyes flashed a touch of dignity. Ke Bei will only be a'cut knife ', when dealing with red-haired zombies, because the speed of red-haired zombies is not fast, and the attack is single, Ke Bei can cope with, but now with the young man in white, it seems a little stretched. That's all you got? The boy in white saw Ke Bei retreating hurriedly and shook his head disdainfully. Show your strength, or you won't be so lucky next time. The young man in white stood with a sword and shook his eyes at Ke Bei. Hum Ke Bei's eyes narrowed slightly, and with a cold hum, he slowly inserted the ju into his back. He knew that with his present swordsmanship, he could not compete with the young man at all. The young man obviously had a very good posture and swordsmanship. Ke Bei is not foolish enough to use his own weaknesses to counter the strengths of others. "Try to take my knife." Ke Bei raised his arm slowly, interactive whiteboard prices ,face recognition identification, and a three-inch long throwing knife appeared in his hand at an unknown time. 'Xiao Li Throwing Knife 'This is Ke Bei's only martial arts skill. When he was just an ordinary person, he could easily kill red-haired zombies by throwing knife stunts. Now his strength has increased greatly. It is estimated that even if he can't reach the level of a second-level enhancer, he should have the strength of seven or eight people. Otherwise, he can't break the arm of a first-level enhancer with one punch. Throwing knife? The young man in white looked at Ke Bei, who put the ju in his back and had a knife in his palm, and a trace of surprise flashed through his eyes. Go With a deep roar in his throat, Ke Bei raised his hand fiercely, shaking his wrist slightly, and the throwing knife in his palm suddenly came out, as fast as lightning, and in an instant he was in front of the young man in white. Ke Bei's hand strength is amazing now. The speed of the flying knife is terrible. The flying knife cuts through the air, and a buzz has appeared on the left face of the young man in white. Poof ~ The boy felt a sudden chill on his cheek, and the throwing knife had already crossed his face. A wound three inches long appeared on his white face, and warm blood ran down his cheeks. How is it possible. The young man in white looked a little dull, and his eyes showed a shock that could not be concealed. He gently stroked his cheek, which had been cut by a flying knife, and his fingers were stained with a little blood red. Ke Bei's throwing knife was too fast, and the speed was beyond his imagination. He could not imagine how a teenager about his own age could practice throwing knives to such a state. In fact, not only the young man in white was shocked, but even Ke Bei himself was shocked, and he did not expect that the speed of the throwing knife would be so fast now. "Do you want to try?" 。 Ke Bei looked at the young man in white with a dull expression, and a throwing knife appeared again in his palm. There is no need, within three meters I can easily take your life, three meters away I have no power to fight back. "You go." The boy in white shrugged his shoulders, looked at Ke Bei and smiled, then slowly turned around. At the moment he turned around, the smile on his clean cheeks suddenly disappeared without a trace, and his face became heavy and fierce. This person cannot stay. "Such an age has such strength." Can't let him grow up. Ke Bei did not expect things to be solved so easily, can not cause trouble is naturally better, he was thinking about the practice of Peiyuan Gong, eager to go home to practice immediately, did not think much at all. Do it "" Just as Ke Bei was about to step out of the encirclement, the young man in white suddenly burst out with a shout. "Shuo Shuo Shuo" Nine machetes roared to Ke Bei's crazy chop, these strong men have long been ready to make a move at any time, at the moment the young man in white gave the order, nine from Ke Bei's nearest guard instantly split out the machete in his hand. Court death Suddenly surprised, let Ke Bei some unprepared, exclaimed, the body suddenly moved sideways, will cut three machetes to his neck to avoid, and then quickly pulled out ju, to the chest of the four machetes swept out. "Bang, bang, bang,facial recognition thermometer, bang." Ke Bei's strength was so great that the four machetes in his chest flew out in an instant, but the other two machetes could not be avoided, and his right leg and back were cut heavily. The skin and flesh are torn and the bones are dense. hsdtouch.com