They bowed their heads and answered, "Yes." Yuyichen lifted the curtain and went inside. The fragrant and pleasant palace was filled with warm air everywhere. The curtains were lifted one after another. The dim candlelight reflected the plain palace. There was no tassel curtain that ordinary women liked. On the door of her bedroom, the bowing little maid of honor asked softly, "Sage, Grandfather Jade is here." "Call him in." This is the queen's voice, perhaps still half awake, not the usual dignified and dignified air, but with a trace of laziness. Yu Yichen personally opened the door to both sides and entered the room, and the maid behind him quietly closed the door. Sure enough, the saint was still lying on the bed. She was very thin, and the brocade quilt only slightly supported the curve of her body. Silver balls of incense hung high in front of the collapse, and a slight candle was lit on the wall. Yu Yichen sat down on the edge of the bed and shook her hand. "Why don't you get up?" She asked. The sage smiled and said, "I'm tired.". Your hands are so cold. Yu Yichen also smiled: "The winter moon is cold, and it must be cold." The saint made him sit up, and the pajamas of plain crepe satin slid down. She gazed at Yu Yichen for a long time before asking, "How long has it been since you've been to the Yanfu Palace?" "About a year," said Yu Yichen. The sage lowered his eyes and said, "Yes, if Your Majesty hadn't suddenly fallen into a coma, I'm afraid you wouldn't have set foot there." Yu Yichen said with a gentle smile, "Now that you have given birth to a prince,ultrasonic handheld welder, you should raise him here with a sad heart.". Besides, we often meet in the Hall of Funing, so why should we come in person? He took a pillow for her to lean on behind her and told her to recline. "Is it still comfortable?" He asked. "Comfortable," said the sage. It was Yu Yichen who asked first, "Why did you do that?" The sage smiled bitterly: "If I say it is for you, do you believe it?" Yu Yichen shook his head. "I don't believe you." The sage smiled bitterly. "I knew you didn't believe me." "Your Majesty is a good man, and I respect you very much," said Yu Yichen. Although he is more gentle,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but now you have a prince, after all, this harem is your world, the queen mother has to concede three points, why do you bother? The sage sat up and stretched out his arms. Yu Yichen took the big sleeves of Su Luo to put them on for her and tied them lightly. He took the embroidered shoes and put them on for her. He helped her out of bed and out of the bedroom. The ladies, who had already prepared hot soup outside, slipped in. The ladies, who usually served clean and even faces, came forward to ask for a handkerchief. They heard the sage say, "Ask Yu Yichen to do it." Yu Yichen stretched out his hand to twist the veil in the gilded basin and half knelt down in front of her to clean her face, wiping it from the forehead to the glabella. The sage closed her eyes, and in the lukewarm lamplight there were two deep lines on her lower forehead, which were born after she was used to pretending to be dignified, and made her face show a bitter feeling. When Yu Yichen finished cleaning her face, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, she opened her eyes and waved her hand. "Stand down," she said. She got up and sat down on the dressing table. "Comb my hair," she said with a smile. Yu Yichen took the grate and gently loosened the knotted hair on her head. Now her hair is a little yellow and dry, and she likes to tie knots as soon as she sleeps. Several palace maids who were good at combing their hair all asked her to punish them with a stick because they had hurt their scalps. Only Yu Yichen, whose fingers were soft and his technique was light, told him to comb his hair as a kind of love. When his long hair was tied up, the sage asked Yu Yichen, "Do you comb her hair like this when you are outside?" Yu Yichen looked at the sage in the bronze mirror and said with a light smile, "No, she doesn't like me to play with these things." For a saint, this is a rare kind of love. But for Zhenshu, this is a common thing, and even she will feel a little strange, how can a man like to play with a woman's hair. The sage closed his eyes and asked him to draw his eyebrows for himself. Then he put on his makeup and Rouge. Then he opened his eyes and looked at himself in the mirror with bright colors and said, "Believe it or not, I did this because of you.". If you can still pity me instead of moving on to other places, I can endure the loneliness in the palace. But I can't bear you to fall in love with a woman outside the palace, a vulgar girl who doesn't know etiquette, and use the same technique as I do on her. Yu Yichen ignored her complaint and stared at her face in the bronze mirror, saying, "Du Wu is ambitious. He is not a man you can hold in your hands.". You want to rule from behind the curtain, he wants to be the regent of the court, or one day he will take over the world, where should you and that child go? "I am a shallow woman," said the sage, "and all these years I have relied on you in the back to maintain this face. Since you have abandoned me now, why can't you find another backer? "I didn't abandon you," said Yu Yichen. "I'm still willing to save your face. But you shouldn't have hurt Your Majesty. Now that his life is in danger, have you ever thought that if Du Wu abandoned you and helped King Ping to ascend the throne, how would you deal with yourself? "He won't help King Ping," said the sage. "If King Ping had been able to play with him, he wouldn't have invited himself out of the capital." Yu Yichen helped her onto the soft couch, padded her shoulders and rubbed her knees gently, and asked, "Does it still hurt?" The sage shook his head. "No.". It's just a little sore between the knees, and it's an old problem. From the Crown Princess to the Empress, there are many sacrificial ceremonies in the four seasons of the year, and she does them all herself. When Emperor Chengfeng left, the spring breeze was sweeping all over the place. She knelt down outside the hall for a few hours in white filial piety in sackcloth, and the wind and cold had fallen, and now her knees were still sore. Yu Yichen gently rubbed her knees and said, "If Your Majesty wakes up, we'll uncover this layer. You're still a saint. How about I clean up the rest of the situation?" The sage shook his head and said, "No.". Not Your Majesty's pity, is that he has too much and is used to taking, I do not have the ability to make him single-minded towards me. But you are different, you love me,ultrasonic generator driver, and all your tenderness should only be given to me. If you no longer look at me, this palace is lonely, what is the meaning of my guard? 。