The Beatles, this is Mu Yang's favorite band, he is obsessed with all the songs, after he was injured, in order to wake him up, she listened to a lot. Approaching the destination, I saw a row of tents of different colors lined up in a neat line on the grass beside the lake in the distance, standing steadily, with more than ten tents. It was by no means an ordinary party. She began to regret that there was no shop in front of the village and no way to leave. Wu Shuchun took out a bottle of red wine from the trunk and said with a smile, "Come with me." Chapter 43 eight characters clash. Yang Dayuan's cell phone was seen in the gray tent closest to the lake. It was empty. Wu Shuchun said with a smile, "I probably went to the woods to collect firewood. Let's cook first!"! Don't worry, they'll be back soon. On the left side of the tent group, under a tall hackberry tree, a long table and chair has been placed. Two men and two women are busy, and the smoke from kitchen chimneys is curling up, which is indescribably harmonious and beautiful. Wu Shuchun took off her coat and put it in the black tent beside her with red wine, revealing a sexy black I-shaped vest. Her thin body supported the vest just right. Her short hair made her snow-white neck particularly slender and attractive. With a slight movement, her collarbone was revealed. Wu Shuchun is not beautiful, but he is definitely a master of dressing. He knows his strengths and weaknesses, and knows how to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. He can always reveal a little sexy that is difficult to capture in elegance and intellectuality. Such a woman has the quality of life and knows how to love herself. She gets along with people gently and softly, which is somewhat similar to Yang Dayuan. Who is this beauty? A tall, thin man with glasses squeezed his eyes at her, his curly hair could not cover his high and bright forehead,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, and he was wearing a famous brand sweatshirt. Don't think about it. She's Dayuan's girlfriend. "Wu Shuchun said quite naturally, went over and tore open a toast bag, pulled out the toast and put butter on it." She is Muxi! The tall and thin man glanced at her. "That boy is really good!"! Isn't it already agreed? No one is allowed to bring his family to this class reunion, although his girlfriend is beautiful enough to show off to us for a night, we can't make an exception! It was just a cold sense of humor, and there was no intention of driving her away. She noticed that when the two women heard the word "Muxi", they immediately hid behind them and laughed and whispered. She did not like this man, intuitively do not like,ultrasonic extraction cbd, out of politeness she did not show, the man took the initiative to approach, said a lot of words, each sentence is to show off themselves, do not have to guess also know that he is quite good, the most important thing is, better than Yang Dayuan. Ugly human nature makes this tall man who is 1.9 meters tall and short. Speaking leisurely, Wu Shuchun's bacon sandwich was ready, and the other two women miraculously completed two large pots of kebabs. Even the tall and thin man who had never stopped finished a stewed dish platter, but she stood aside, unspeakably cramped. This was not where she should have come, and now the embarrassment was self-inflicted. Wu Shuchun, the only person she knew, did not help. Compared with introducing "Yang Dayuan's girlfriend" to his classmates, the sandwich is more important. Cut it very big, then put it on a toothpick, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic welding transducer, put it neatly on a big plate, and carefully wipe off the small debris on the plate with kitchen paper. Wu Shuchun nodded with satisfaction. She has no talent for cooking, nor is she good at eating. When she sees a mountain of food, knowing that it is prepared for many people, she has to silently endure the impulse to vomit. Eat one first! Wu Shuchun showed a warm smile and carefully took out a sandwich from the side and handed it to her. Just had breakfast, now still very full, but embarrassed to refuse Wu Shuchun's kindness, then took over, with a paper plate. Wu Shuchun smiled with satisfaction: "Don't worry, this is very healthy. I fry the bacon in olive oil, and there is very little salad dressing." This Wu Shuchun is also contradictory enough, even the bacon is fried in olive oil, but also spread so much butter on the bread, and fried outside burnt inside tender. She took a nibble and did it very well indeed. The tall and thin man on one side laughed and said, "You are very introverted!"! It must be very hard to be with such a talkative person as Dayuan, right? When you two are together, all the words are said by him! Even if she did not like Yang Dayuan, she regarded him as a friend in her heart. She did not want to hear anyone speak ill of him, especially the self-righteous bank executive. She bowed her head to eat and did not speak. The tall and thin man was a little bored, so he took the initiative to laugh and said, "He and Ziyan went to the back mountain to climb together, and he didn't come back so soon.". You know Liang Ziyan, right? When he and Dayuan were in high school, they wore a pair of pants and were inseparable all day long. They had graduated for so many years, and their relationship was so good that we were really jealous! It's Liang Ziyan again! Rebirth grasped the opportunity, everything can be prevented before it happens, so God specially sent this Liang Ziyan to punish her? As soon as the voice fell, I saw the poker face sweating, wearing a black sportswear, carrying a big black bag, simply nodded with a few people, picked up a sandwich from the table, and ate it. The tall and thin man who had just been elated closed his mouth and turned away. You're back? Wu Shuchun smiled sweeter, gently pulled the corners of his mouth, bent down and took out a bottle of pure water from the carton under the table, unscrewed it and handed it over, "Where is Dayuan?"? Didn't he go with you? Even Wu Shuchun himself probably disliked this question, so he added another sentence: "Muxi has something urgent to find him." The poker face glanced at her, stuffed the last sandwich into his mouth, drank half a bottle of water in one breath, and said coldly, "It's still behind." "Are you leaving again?" Wu Shuchun immediately put away his smile and was a little nervous. No need. His words were as precious as gold, and then he turned and left, so cold that it was chilling. Blind people can see that Wu Shuchun is interested in him, as a man, so treat the woman who loves him, it is very ungraceful, Wu Shuchun's loss is hard to hide, a person standing in front of a large plate of sandwiches, staring at each other's back disappeared in front of him. All the people saw this scene in their eyes,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and no one spoke. Wu Shuchun stuffed a sandwich into his mouth and chewed it slowly. Soon, his expression returned to calm, and he began to barbecue with everyone.