Indian culture has a different place for Indian Fashion Jewellery. For some people, jewelery is art, for some jewelery is a part of their personality and some wear it for their cultural values. These artistic pieces are made with precision and hard work by artisans. Artisans are the persons who make this skilled jewellery. There are still some small businessmen who are carrying forward their  Traditional Jewelery  business.


But with time and the increasing market of Indian  Artificial Jewellery , they left them behind. It's important to support these traditional jewelers and teach them to make available their Traditional  Gold Jewelery  like  Kundan Jewelery  and  Meenakari Jewelery Online . Because of modernization and big jewellers, they are losing their business which involves so much art and precision.

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Who Are Small-Scale Artisans And Shop Owners?

Artisans are those people who create unique and decorative art pieces with their hands. These small-scale shop owners include jewelery makers, cloth designers, homeware and furniture makers, people in the food business etc.


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Why Do They Need Support?

Usually, the people who are behind these exquisite art pieces get one-fourth part of the sale. The people who are on top of this selling chain earn more and take advantage of these small-scale business owners, due to lack of education. As they are not well-versed education-wise, they can’t cope with the advanced technology. Because of fewer earnings, many people risk their lives to earn more.


Some of the traditional jewellers left their businesses and went for jobs, which is hampering our culture. To support them, the Indian government has started some programs. Let’s discuss the ways how we as normal people can help them. Ciero Jewels, for all your Customized Jewellery needs. From custom pieces to traditional designs, we have it all. Browse our collection of gorgeous gold and Silver Jewellery today!

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How To Help Artisans?

Among many ways to help here are some of them to show your support.
  1. Use Local Shops: Search for small businesses around you and make use of them. Connect with them.
  2. Be Liberal While Tipping: While making a purchase be generous with your tips. Always tip them well and don’t negotiate with them.
  3. Refer To Friends And Family: Apart from you, let your friends and family know about these shops for shopping.
  4. Educate Them: Most artisans are not aware of online business and the power of social media marketing. Educate them on the ways they can expand their business.
  5. Give Reviews On Their Social Media: If they have a social media handle, give your valuable feedback.
  6. Support Their Online Business: Support their online business by making purchases from there.
  7. Appreciate Them: Appreciating them will encourage them to work efficiently.
  8. Promote Their Work On Your Social Media:  Support them online by following them and sharing their profile on your social media
We at Ciero Jewels, employ artisans and support their art by paying them respectfully. You can support them by purchasing their artisan jewelery like  925 Silver Jewelery , Kundan Jewelery,  Imitation Jewelery  and Meenakari Jewelery Online.
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