You have Probably heard that essential web services like Reddit, HootSuite, Quora, foursquare etc. have currently suffered a quite lengthy outage – what you additionally likely understand is that this outage was once triggered with the aid of Amazon Web Services (AWS), their cloud computing carrier provider. What you possibly didn’t comprehend is that AWS is ISO 27001 Certification in Philippines certified. But isn’t ISO 27001 an assurance towards such carrier outages? Didn’t a certification organization test the AWS? What’s the factor of ISO 27001 if such matters can happen? ISO 27001 certification in Qatar does no longer guarantee that the Internet service company is going to have uptime of 100%, or that none of the private facts is going to leak behind the company, or that there would be no errors in records processing. ISO 27001 certification ensures that the organization complies with the general and with its personal protection rules; it is ensuring that the business enterprise has taken all the applicable protection dangers into account and that it has undertaken a complete method to unravel primary risks. ISO 27001 in Iraq no longer guarantees that none of the incidents is going to happen, due to the fact something like that is no longer feasible in this world. A certification body (in this case Ernst & Young Certify Point) possibly did take a look at whether or not Amazon Web Services complied to the well-known and to their very own safety insurance policies & procedures, such as their processes for incident response and enterprise continuity plans; they ought to have additionally checked the AWS chance evaluation and whether or not all the applicable dangers had been taken into account. However, the certification body no longer has a crystal ball to predict all the incidents that should occur, neither is that their job – their job is to test whether or not the organization has performed its homework – developed a protection system. So the final and the most essential query is – what’s the factor of ISO 27001 then? The factor is in decreasing the hazard of doing business. If your corporation is enforcing ISO 27001 Certification Lebanon, that capability you will have to reflect on consideration on very cautiously what may want to endanger the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information; understanding these risks, you want to put in force quite a number safety measures in order to reduce dangers to an ideal level. If you are doing enterprise with an employer that is ISO 27001 Certification Chennai certified, you will recognize that this corporation has executed all that. Does it suggest that ISO 27001 will get rid of all the manageable problems? Obviously it won’t. But it will minimize the possibilities of something like that happening, and if it does happen, the response of the employer will be a great deal faster and extra efficient, and the injury to the commercial enterprise will be lower. Our Advice: go for it!! Certvalue is an expert certification yet consulting sure presenting ISO 27001 Consultants in South Africa according to enhanced competitiveness through imparting Information Security Management System. We supply a 100% attainment assurance because of ISO 27001 Registration in South Africa. We are an Approved Service Provider with great expertise and a trip within the entire International Quality Certification Standards. We would be bright in imitation of assisting your company between the ISO 27001 Certification system after sending your lookup afterward Here our Multi-Talent Professionals are managed since building obvious doubts afterward necessities.