Have you ever stood helpless on the road during a car breakdown ? If not, be prepared that it will happen to you. We mean here a serious dilemma that you will then encounter. Whether to call a friend or maybe some roadside assistance . a friend We trust , but we are often too far away to be able to come quickly to help. Will we therefore trust a random roadside assistance team ? In these circumstances, we have no choice but to trust those who can help us. Roadside assistance Katowice, Chorzów is then, like the ambulance, fire brigade or police, an institution of public trust only a little out of necessity. After all, we really call in the dark to real institutions of this nature. in them, regardless of the time and place Always having absolute trust . For this reason, these are companies that have the same number throughout Poland, or even a common emergency number. So far, there is no such number, but that is changing. The company that has been working on such a change for years is Laweta Katowice 24H . First of all, by building trust in us, the clients we serve, but also because the quality we try to maintain in everyday work is transferred to more and more regions of our country. In this way, day by day we are increasing the group of satisfied customers who remember our phone number and recommend us to others. It is a matter of not too long time so that our number can be called with full confidence throughout Poland to receive support of the same quality

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