The need for researches on analysing the vaccine effectiveness has been increased exponentially in context with growing vaccine demand and increased vaccine program complexities. A diverse scientific field is investigating how the vaccine works and why they need continuous changes or fail at times in combating diseases. Different researchers from the department of immunopathology, epidemiology and mathematical modelling required more precise definition to promote interdisciplinary Vaccine program and their design. 

A vaccine defined as biological preparation provides active acquired immunity to a particular disease. It typically consisting a collection of agents resembling diseases causing microorganism and is often taken from the weak microorganism, its toxin or weak proteins(Siegrist, 2008). The body stimulates the action, become reactive against the agent also destroy any form of microorganism associated with it in future. In this article, to meet the standardised definition of vaccine framework, various studies will be undertaken considering vaccine failure, its effectiveness also demonstrates the additional elements for instance characteristics of vaccine and effect likelihood during exposure with environments. 


On a broad spectrum understanding how vaccines work matters a lot to a wide range of professions including policies decision-makers, clinician, epidemiologist, modellers evaluating the program, health care practitioners and so on. Since the covid expansion, people are trying to be vaccinated be it children, young adults or pregnant women. 

Klien and Crowcrofth said, vaccines are typically effective but don’t give complete protection against the virus which the country is eye witnessing in the case of Covid vaccines. In these consequences, analyzing the effectiveness of the vaccine in this complex environment becoming extraneous tasks. Researchers believed the traditional dichotomous vaccine framework would no longer the support to conduct adequate research for understanding the complex phenomenon of vaccine development. 

The vaccine framework must be implementable to guide the policymakers in planning about vaccine distribution and should be enough feasible to put in the operations. 

Mullen O’keefe, 2020 administered, one third US population has declined the using free FDA approved vaccine made in the face of combating severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS COV-2. Their concerns found to be associated with the trials and performed on unknown whose identity didn’t get revealed. No doubt, a mass vaccination program will be failed if people developed mistrust in regards to vaccine efficiency. But before moving ahead online assignment help profession tried to understand the few terminologies applied in this study for comparing the efficiency of vaccine framework-

Vaccine Efficacy

This is defined as a proportional infection reduction in a vaccinated group compared to an unvaccinated group under control randomized trials 

Vaccine Effectiveness- It is proportional to the infection reduction in a real-world immunization program delivered as per the administrative process of normal people selection

Vaccine Failure- It is the ratio of infection occurrence among the individual who gets vaccinated fully. This criterion is based on prime two inclusive-

Primary vaccine failure- It is defined as infection occurrence in fully vaccinated individuals who failed to make immunity against the pathogens

Secondary Vaccine failure- It is defined as failure of the vaccine in fully vaccinated people who made normal response against the pathogen but whose immunity still subjected to wane.

Immunization is a global health success story saving millions of lives and is a prominent tool to escape the highly dramatic situation of pandemic devastation. A couple of years is being spent predominately to come up with a rich source of vaccine, fully tested and enough affecting to show immediate effect. When a person gets vaccinated, it is his immune system that responds and forms acquired immunity. 

According to the world health organization, 86% of infants have received the DPT vaccine during 2019. However, the same report concludes, despite the discovery of a vaccine for life-threatening diseases, 20 million infants have insufficient access to vaccines resulted in premature deaths. Some of the major countries juggling with the same issues accounting China, India and many African countries. Some countries also reflect reversed process implies real compliance with past events(CDC, 2020).

The global vaccine plan (GVP) approved in the world health assembly in 2019 to achieve the progress of decades of vaccine vision through universal vaccine immunization. Till date, evidence suggested the most successful benefiting and cost-effective health intervention known. Over the years, immunization has successfully achieved complete eradication of diseases such as smallpox, lowering the global incidence of polio by 99%, whooping coughs, measles etc.

In the past 10 years, great advances have been made in the direction of vaccine development introducing new vaccines and expanding the richness of vaccines programme. As a result of immunization and combine effort of government authorities helped in reducing mortality. WHO claimed newly and advanced vaccine have become available in the last decades, including pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and vaccines against infection with rotavirus and human papillomavirus. To know more about GVP, take help from the assignment maker of SourceEssay.

Vaccine Effectiveness Framework

There are different models primary and secondary failure have been accounted in this paper rolling out vaccine efficacy highly influenced by a number of vaccine recipient characteristics such as-

  • Vaccination status including prime doses, boosting vaccine type, administration date, the period between the doses etc
  • Age of time study, recipient age, priming age
  • Co-administered drugs and vaccine
  • Immune disorder, comorbidity, immune responsiveness, nutritional status, time of vaccination, age of time study
  • Infection history
  • Maternal and infant characteristics, immunization in pregnancy
  • Socio-demographic characteristics for instance healthcare age

Age is a particularly dominant factor determining VE. Infant having T- cell weakness will often need multiple doses. For example, multiple doses of meningococcal conjugate vaccines are needed for infants although a single dose provides much protection and disappear with time. Over time, many doses are paired in combination to provide long-lasting protection and building capacity with antigen to fight against infection.  

Fundamental Principles of Vaccine Framework

The vaccine has transformed public heath since the national programme transformation first become proper and established in the 1960s. The World health organization claimed approximately 2-3 million lives saved each year contributing to the mass reduction of mortality rate in 5 years. Vaccine exploits an extraordinary ability of the human immune system to remember encountering the pathogen. However much of history claimed vaccine developed after empirical research, trials without involving immunologists. The vaccine is generally classified under live or non-live subjected to distinguish those vaccines containing attenuated replicative strains. In the given list with the help of SourceEssay assignment tutora list of different types of vaccines is prepared-

Vaccine Types

Licensed vaccine


Weakened or active virus( Live attenuated)

Yellow fever, measles, rubella, Japanese encephalitis, Retrovirus, BCG,  varicella zoster, influenza


Killing whole organism

Polio, influenza, whole cell pertussis, rabies, Hepatitis A

1896( Typhoid)


Diphtheria, Tetanus

1923( Yellow Fever)

Subunit or purified protein

Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Pertussis, influenza, meningococcal


Viral Vectored



Nucleic Acid Vaccine



Source- Bijker and Polard, 2021

The main purpose behind the development of live vaccine such that body can produce a strong immune system in an immunocompetent host but not to that extent it will lead to diseases manifestation. Some safe attenuated live vaccines require multiple doses to induce shortly lived immunity. For instance, Ty21a, the live attenuated typhoid vaccine often taken in multiple doses. 

It is often discovered by many researchers and assignment writersnon-live vaccine combines with the adjuvant improving ability to induce an immune response. Currently, there are only a few adjuvants present in Licensed vaccines. 

At present there are many elements is included in the formation of vaccine function as emulsifiers or stabilizers

How Vaccines Induces Antibodies

An adaptive immune response is mediated by B cells and T- cells known for producing antibodies. All the vaccines primarily in use except BCG believed to induce a response from T cell. However, evidence suggested various types of the functional unit would require in vaccine induce protection evidently comes from the immunodeficiency states, immunological data and passive protective data,

Immunodeficiency States

Majority of individual who is diagnosed with the immune deficiency or defects in antibodies particular susceptible to pathogens that can also be used to get insights in characteristics of antibodies. For instance individual having deficiencies in the complement system susceptible to meningococcal disease caused by Neisseria meningitides. It is also noticed antibody deficient body are highly susceptible to the varicella-zoster virus also another competent virus, However, once they get controlled diseases in the same way immunocompetent individual as long as they have T cell responses. 

Establishment of Immune Memory

An immune system that has been vaccinated against the virus is more likely to be robust, mount protective massive system. Immune memory seems to be sufficiently protecting against the incubation period, which is long enough to develop the immune system. For instance, in the case of HBV whose incubation period ranges from 6 weeks to 6 months, a vaccinated person usually gets protected another time they come in the contact with the virus. However many researchers claimed immune memory is not only a sufficient measure even rapidly invasion of bacteria can sometimes cause serious illness. For example, capsular group C meningococcal and Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib) infection can be further developed once their antibodies level tends to be declined or become completely waned. Meanwhile, vaccine waning dependent on the age of the recipient, antigen nature, number of booster etc, This can be understood though this scenario an HPV induced vaccine can remain last to decades. Therefore it can be said, soon after the vaccine induces the responses after acquisitive the pathogens, immune memory can be sufficient to reduce the impact of growing infectious diseases and fight against the certain pathogen. But if vaccination doesn’t assure the protection against the virus even after multiple jabs, one such solution for this is acquiring the provision of bolster doses since childhood. This is an attempt the sustain the long-term effect of the vaccine above the protective threshold frequency. To know more about vaccine development and induce responses, ask for immediate assistance from the SourceEssay assignment helpers team.


Thus it can be concluded at the end, immunization protects the great mass of the population from highly infectious diseases as previously it was claimed that it saved millions of children. Despite the outstanding performance, there is some gap and knowledge challenge the vaccine framework in many developing and developed country. In this article, we have discussed such a scenario and comes up with evidence proving the study rationale proposed earlier. It has been explored within the study Infant having T- cell weakness will often need multiple doses that have been explored in terms of meningococcal conjugate vaccines that are needed to jab multiple times in the infants although a single dose provides much protection and disappear with time. Over time, many doses are paired in combination to provide long-lasting protection and building capacity with antigen to fight against infection. 

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