Specifically, it's about the importance of formal dresses . I've heard more than once - mostly from moms - that they don't want to spend too much on a dress because "it's only for one night".

In a sense, this is true. The girl will probably only wear this dress once. But in another sense, it is not. Ball gowns are not just actual gowns. It's about the experience and the feeling when you wear it.

Girls will sometimes put on a dress and say it's their "dream dress". what does that mean? That means they'll remember that prom dress for the rest of their lives. They will remember for the rest of their lives how beautiful they felt that night and how special it was to be in that dream dress.

I'm going back a few years and going to my own prom. I wore a long-sleeved white dress with little flowers on it. That was the bridesmaid dress I wore to my brother's wedding. It's totally ugly, but I wore it because it was hanging in the closet when I thought I should. Years later, do I remember my prom? I remember I was wearing an ugly dress.

Keep this in mind before saying that prom dresses are only good for "one night." It will probably be worn overnight, yes. But it will be remembered forever.

I know ball gowns can be expensive, very expensive. Families need to know how much they want to spend. But remember, girls who wear skirts need to like it. This has to be her dream dress. She will remember it for the rest of her life.

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