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Welcome to our WOTLK Classic full raid guide (All Bosses Normal and Hard Mode 25 Man). This raid is accessible starting with Phase 2 and provides 14 bosses & challenges! Your path from the raid will probably be mostly linear, with additional areas becoming available as you progress. Today we'll share part of them.

Flame Leviathan

This boss is entirely fought in Vehicles but for many people, your gear does not matter. All Vehicles are likely to scale with the item level, so equip your highest item level for any socket to ensure that you're going in as powerful as you can.

Now you can find three varieties of Vehicles: Demolisher, Siege Engine, and Chopper. All three vehicles allow both a person and a passenger, along with the amount of each kind of Vehicle is bound.

I'm likely to give you a rundown on the boss mechanics, therefore the way the battle goes down is the fact that Flame Leviathan won't have a threat table being a typical boss. Instead, it's gonna chase a Demolisher or possibly a Siege Engine, which suggests Choppers aren't getting chased, move faster, and he's about to attempt to Ram it and anyone within ramming range in the event the flame Leviathan gets close enough, and yes it's likely to deal great physical damage.

Over time, the Flame Leviathan will gain movement speed and move faster and Flame Vents. This is often a high raid-wide damage ability that can be interrupted by the Siege Engine drivers, periodically doing raid-wide damage.

What will be the strategy for simply this normal mode boss fight? Well, the Siege Engine driver is gonna be using Ram to handle low damage and knock targets away. They also use a dash capability to move forward to flee danger, above all, the Siege Engine Drivers are to blame for interrupting Flame Vents, and this also can only be done with a short range.

A good strategy for this is to have enough energy to kick flame vents, so since you're going on doing other abilities, be sure you have at the very least 30 energy, to help you interrupt those flame vents anytime because it's crucial for the Siege Engine passenger you have to protect the siege engine that has a large shield in case there is danger, features a very long cooldown, so be sure to use it with a good time.

Most importantly, you might be responsible for shooting down and flying targets that drop pyrite, and in addition, there will probably be mobs that are flying. You ought to shoot them down, as well can find Anti-Air Rockets. There's no cooldown.

You'll probably exhaust energy first, and you just spam it and destroy anything that's flying. This is your most crucial job, and you will also do damage with Cannonballs but minimal damage there.

Let's discuss the Chopper. It's faster than any Vehicle and does not be chased by the boss. You can drop oil patches and light-weight those oil patches burning down to do some AoE damage, and you could also heal any passenger to full health over four seconds. This is about to be relevant in uncertain mode yet not in normal mode, so selling it to the Demolisher. Now the Demolisher shoots Cannonballs for low damage, but moreover, it may shoot Liquid Pyrite, which costs 10% with the Vehicle's mana, plus it deals low damage on impact but applies a substantial dot that Stacks up to times.


Now Razorscale can be a skippable boss that doesn't need a hard mode. Start your dream, and ads will likely spawn. Just do not delay- kill them until all four harpoons are prepared, to help you ground Razorscale as well as launch these harpoons without notice.

You need not wait until all four harpoons are able. Now the kill priority to the ads will be the Dark Rune Watcher. The Dark Rune Guardian and Dark Rune Sentinels.

The Dark Rune Watchers will not cast chain lightning, which you'll want to destroy because it does a large amount of damage and deals harm to five targets the way it chains the Dark Rune Sentinels complete a whirlwind ability, so you're heading to tank the offending articles from the raid making sure that Whirlwind doesn't do an excessive amount of damage.

Once you at long last get Razorscale documented on the Ground with those four harpoons, you really need to pop lust. Healers can probably DPS just make an effort to get Razorscale to percent Health as soon as possible to transition to phase 2.

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