The word condenser is believed to be familiar but not too familiar to everyone. Condenser, as the name suggests, is used for heat dissipation, such as air conditioners, automobiles, refrigerators and other electrical appliances and machinery. But how much do you know about the function of the condenser? Today, I will pick out a special introduction to the fridge condenser.

How fridge condenser works

How does the fridge condenser work? The editor will tell you. The fridge condenser is one of the channels of heat transfer in the refrigeration system. It dissipates the heat from the high-pressure and high-temperature refrigerant gas delivered by the compressor to the outside of the refrigerator during operation. The refrigerant gas dissipates heat and liquefies during the process, and is converted into a normal temperature, high-pressure refrigerant liquid.

 fridge condenser

Fridge Condenser Classification

Refrigerators have various forms of condensers. There are two types: natural convection cooling and forced convection cooling. Among them, natural convection cooling relies on the surrounding gas to naturally flow over the surface of the condenser to dissipate the heat energy of the condenser; forced convection cooling uses an electric fan to force the gas to flow through the surface of the condenser, thereby dissipating heat from the condenser. Refrigerators with natural convection condensers are generally below 300L, while forced convection condensers are generally above 300L. Now, do you know more about the condenser? The editor tells you that the important thing is still to come.

What should I do if the fridge condenser is broken?

Now we know the function of the fridge condenser, but we will encounter in life, sometimes the refrigerator is broken and broken, and the cost of hiring a professional maintenance personnel is too expensive, but I can't repair it myself, what should I do? Do? It doesn't matter, I will now tell you how to fix your baby refrigerator. You must know that the current refrigerators are all built-in condensers. It is very troublesome to disassemble the refrigerator and reinstall it. If there is a problem with the fridge condenser, the editor will teach you a coup to hang a wire tube condenser from the back of the refrigerator. Connecting the pipes from the original inside of the refrigerator to this will solve your problem.

 fridge condenser

I believe that everyone now has a better understanding of the "spare granary" in their home. As an indispensable electrical appliance in life, without a good refrigerator, there will be no fresh food, and without fresh food, there will be no healthy body. Before the end, I wish everyone good health!

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