Wholesale Temperature Control & System TS thermostat provides temperature control at safe locations. The temperature setting point can be checked through a window, when the heat tracing cable is powered on or temperature sensor malfunctioned (sensor powered off or short circuit), LED will have relevant display. The temperature sensor is 3m long, which can be shorten in practical use. It can be connected with electric heat tracing cable directly, connecting kit should be purchased separately. Suitable for locations with explosion-proof , non-corrosion-proof requirement, especially those with low-humidity. The TS thermostat series have two different temperature ranges for your option. Parameter: TS-13TS-14 LocationsOrdinary locations, OutdoorOrdinary locations, Outdoor Power voltage230V +10%-15% 50/60HZ230V +10%-15% 50/60HZ Max. Switch on/off current16A, 250VAC16A, 250VAC Max. Wire size2.5mm虏 0.6K~1K2.5mm虏 0.6K~1K Shift for precision卤1K at 5鈩?calibration point)卤2K at 60鈩?calibration point) Type of switchSPST(normal open)SPST(normal open) Adjustable temperature range-5鈩儈+15鈩?/p>0鈩儈+120鈩?/p> Exposure temperature-20鈩儈+50鈩?/p>-20鈩儈+50鈩?/p> Case materialABSABS Protection levelIP65, confirm to EN60529IP65, confirm to EN60529 MountingSB-110 and SB-111 or surface mountingSB-110 and SB-111 or surface mounting Temperature sensorTS-13TS-14 Sensor cable length3m3m Sensor cable diameter5.5mm5.5mm Sensor tip diameter6.5mm6.5mm Sensor materialPVCsilicon resin Max.Exposure temperature of sensor cable80鈩?/p>160鈩?/p>Wholesale Temperature Control & System website:http://www.heattracesn.com/temperature-control-system/