Enjoying vast popularity in the world, Canon printers have acquired up to 17 percent of the market share in the year 2020-2021. What do you think makes it such a popular printer brand? The features! Canon printers are versatile printers available to perform functions, including printing, scanning, copying, and more. Moreover, Canon is counted among the reliable printer brands available around the world.

However, despite the reliability, Canon printers may sometimes get weariness in their components and parts featured in them. Its machinery gets impacted due to various factors and results in the issues in its printing in the various forms.

One such issue includes the Canon Printer Not Printing Black Issue in which your printer is reluctant to print black ink onto your printed documents.

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Reasons for Canon Printer Not Printing Black Issue

Some of the primary causes of Canon printer not printing black error include the following:

  • Sometimes when you have not been using your printer for several days, that’s when your ink cartridge may end up drying, or specifically black ink.
  • Also, some of the times the cartridge has liquid ink while your printer attempts to execute the printing with the dried-up print head, with no output on the paper.
  • Also, your ink cartridge may turn out to be the culprit causing this type of error.
  • Using an outdated version of the Canon printer may also be one reason for the Canon printer not printing black issue

Canon Printer Not Printing Black resolving techniques

This issue can be gotten rid of using the following techniques:

Clean your printer

You may possibly get away without having to try any tricky technical solution to deal with the Canon printer not printing black error. All you need to do is open your printer and clean in detail each of its parts, internally as well as externally. To do this, follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, open your printer.
  • Ensure loading your paper tray with at least 5 or more A4 size papers.
  • Pull out the output tray along with its extension.
  • Go to the Setup option to start cleaning your printer.
  • In the setup screen, click on the tools icon.
  • Scroll through the Toolbox to locate Maintenance Menu, and then press OK.
  • The Maintenance Menu opens up. Here, select Deep Cleaning and then press OK.
  • Select Yes to confirm the cleaning and continue by pressing OK.  
  • This will get the printer to start cleaning. Once the process gets completed, restart your printer to check if the issue has gone.

Use original cartridges

If you are currently using a duplicate ink cartridge in your printer, you may come across the Canon printer not printing black error. It’s because Canon does not guarantee the use of ink cartridge replica to be productive enough to serve your purpose. Therefore, if there is a duplicate cartridge in your printer, replace it with the original one, immediately.

Replace the problematic cartridges

This process includes three ways-

Find the replaceable cartridge

  • Check out the color blacks on the test print results. If you see anything problematic, your black ink cartridge is in problem.

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Replace the cartridge with issues

  • Put some papers on the paper loader tray.
  • Turn your printer on.
  • Now check the ink cartridge door.
  • Remove the cartridge carefully.
  • Now remove the seal from the new cartridge
  • Insert the new cartridge into the ink nozzles.
  • Adjust the cartridge in its slot until you hear a click sound.
  • Once installed, close the cartridge door.

Printer alignment

  • Turn your printer on ensuring there are papers in the tray.
  • Click the Next button to open Set Up.
  • Open the tools using the right arrow, and click OK to continue. The printer alignment page opens up.
  • Close the lid and then press the OK button to successfully align your printer.
  • Wait until your printer scans the alignment sheet to complete the process.

Update your printer driver

Most of your printer problems may arise due to an outdated or corrupted printer driver on your system. Therefore, you need to check whether the driver you are currently using is updated or not. If it is outdated, update your driver immediately. For this, you can visit Canon’s website and find and download the suitable driver for your Canon printer model.