Metal domes also named as stainless-steel domes or tactile metal domes, are momentary switch contacts that, when used in conjunction with a printed circuit board, flex circuit, or membrane, become normally-open tactile switches. Some customers are very curious about how to assemble the metal dome array on the circuit boards, here are some basic steps about assembling the metal dome array.

Clean the PCB and metal dome array

Firstly, make sure there is no dirty or any stains on the surface of printed circuit boards or metal dome array, make sure they are cleaning to assemble.

Align metal dome array with the PCB

Peel off the metal dome array from the release paper and then align it with the PCB through positioning holes, outline or mark legend printed on PCB.

Stick metal dome array with PCB firmly

Put the metal dome array with fixture or automatic machine carefully (depending on your setup, the most cost-effective method for mounting metal dome arrays is automatic placement equipment. In contrast, manual placement with an application fixture is faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective than visual alignment), then press surface of dome array to make sure it adhere on PCB firmly.

Whether you’re using an application fixture or automatic equipment, when securing a dome with pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, it is crucial to move air out of the venting area so that the domes don’t “float.” Floating happens when the air pocket around the dome causes the dome to stick to the top of the tape so that it is not resting securely on the circuit pad. To prevent this, place the domes with your pressure-sensitive adhesive tape directly onto the circuit board. Ensure the adhesive around the dome’s edges is secured to the circuit board and then moves outward to the adhesive edges. If the adhesive is too tight around the dome, it can cause the dome to collapse. This condition is also known as pre-load.

Then the assembly process is finished, the most important thing is to make sure the PCB and metal dome array should be assembled firmly.

But sometimes we will encounter the metal dome array can’t assemble on PCB board firmly, why do have this phenomenon? Does the adhesive of the dome array is not strong? If not, we should take care of the below points:1. If there is dust, grease, masonry stains on the PCB board? PCB board must be kept clean;2. We should peel off the dome array by tooling, such as tweezers;3. Last, we press it a while on board firmly.

Through the above steps, I think the problem can be solved, metal dome array should be very firmly attached to the top of the circuit board.

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