Pulsed bag dust collector uses high voltage electricity to generate electrostatic suction and the resistance of the bag itself to adsorb dust particles in the flue gas to the bag, and then through the seismic force generated when the fold of the bag is unfolded, the collected particles and dust fall into the hopper through the action of gravity, so as to remove the dust. It is often said that the screw air compressor provides the air source for reverse blowing of the bag dust collector to realize the pulse reverse blowing function of the equipment and the normal operation of the equipment.

When the bag type dust collector is designed or selected according to the air volume, it is generally not allowed to run under the condition that the dust collector exceeds the specified air volume. Otherwise, the filter bag is easy to be blocked, the life span is shortened, the pressure loss is greatly increased, and the dust removal rate should be reduced. However, the air volume can not be selected too large, otherwise it will increase equipment investment and occupy an area, and waste resources, not energy saving. The correct choice of handling air volume is often determined according to the process situation and experience.

Pulse bag dust collector is an improved vacuum fume extractor classification based on bag dust collector. In order to further the fine vacuum fume extractor classification, The modified vacuum fume extractor classification retains the advantages of good purification rate, large body capacity, stable performance, easy operation, good bag life, small maintenance workload and so on.

When lifting the vacuum cleaner equipment, care should be taken to avoid damaging the packaging box and accessories. The top aperture is smaller than the dust collector and is welded to the top of the ash storage unit. Switch on the induced draft fan. Connect the air compressor, and the soft connection, connected to the dust collector gas storage tank. Before installation, check all parts of the dust collector to see if they are in good condition. If any damage or deformation is found, they should be repaired and repaired before installation. When installing the filter bag, it should be vertically fixed in the dust collector, and the installation should be tightly fixed. Filter products are made of breathable filter material and high frequency vibration device. The pulse bag dust collector at the top of the tank makes the machine have good dust removal performance. Mainly used for asphalt mixing plant dust removal and cement, chemical, agricultural and other industries powder box dust removal. It has the characteristics of easy installation and good service life.

Design principle of airflow distribution device of pulse bag dust collector:

1. The ideal uniform flow is considered in accordance with laminar flow conditions, which requires the flow section to change slowly and the flow velocity to be very low to achieve laminar flow. The main control means is to rely on the proper configuration of guide plate and distribution plate in the bag precipitator, so that the air flow can obtain a more uniform distribution. Adjust the position and form of the deflector in the test, and select the conditions as the basis of design.

2. When considering the correct distribution of air flow, it is necessary to consider the arrangement of dust filter bag in bag room and the flow condition of air flow, which can not only have the effect of equipment resistance and dust removal.

3. The inlet and outlet pipe design of bag dust collector should be considered from the whole engineering system, and the airflow into the dust collector should be evenly distributed as far as possible. When multiple dust collectors are used in parallel, the inlet and outlet pipes should be in the position of dust collection system as far as possible.

4. In order to make the airflow distribution of bag dust collector reach the ideal degree, sometimes before the dust collector is set into operation, the airflow distribution plate should be further measured and adjusted on site.

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