There are a handful of important things which are changing in WoW Dragonflight Season 2, the first is tier sets, and also the second the first is the dungeon pool. How do these modify the performance of classes and specs in 10.1 and what DPS in the event you play? Most classes have good tier sets, and there are a few ones that have greater options, however, the Mythic plus dungeon pool has become slightly more AOE-focused, there are a handful of very open dungeons, and you will even have massive pulls during these dungeons. Below is a WoW 10.1 melee DPS tier list by GaleaGGTV.

1. Sub-Rogue - S Tier

The first is going to be the Subtlety Rogue, which ought to be the best Rogue spec, Outlaw is fairly close behind and each of the tier sets is decent. These could easily swap places, and you'll see Outlaw up and Sub down, the key reason why Sub Rogue is ranked within the S tier is that it gets that funnel damage in the highest key levels. Being able to funnel damage onto bosses in a few encounters is extremely useful. As for why there's only one melee DPS spec put here's because there are not too many kicks and stops you need to hit, you'll still need to have some control, although not as much control during these groups, chances are going to one melee plus two ranged DPS, if there are likely to be two melees, you can pick any of the A-tier specs to subscribe with Rogue.

2. Ret Paladin - A Tier

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Retribution Paladin is ranked within the S tier in several Dragonflight tier lists, it is really a really meta DPS, however, Prot Paladin exists and can likely be the S-tier spec for tanks, the overlapping utility is simply too much to place up an S, you most likely can’t see both Prot Paladin and Ret Paladins within the same group, which is more likely to see Ret Paladin alongside other tanks, therefore the Ret Paladin is dropped for an A tier.

3. Outlaw Rogue - A Tier

Outlaw Rogue continues to be talked about above, this spec includes a great tier set and it is an A tier, although Sub is extremely good in AOE, it doesn't mean that is enough to beat the sort of funnel aspect Also the additional damage that Sub Rogue may bring.

4. Enhancement Shaman - A Tier

The next first is Enhancement Shaman, it continues to be an absolute blast this year and it is perfect. It brings priority damage and funnel aspect, it's all around and it has all of the utility when it comes to AOE, overall, this is a very meta DPS spec to get in WoW 10.1 & Season 2. The only reason it is not placed in S would be to avoid double melees, however, you could probably conveniently fit double melee right into a comp and discover a way to get enhanced.

5. Havoc Demon Hunter - A Tier

For Dragonflight Mythic Plus, Demon Hunter isn't as good as it once was, but it's still very strong. The main reason it is ranked within the A tier is that it might be incredibly good paired alongside two ranged DPS specs, when it comes to its group composition you could create with Demon Hunter, Havoc might be an excellent spec.

6. Fury Warrior - A Tier

Fury Warrior is pumping damage at this time, Arms Warrior is comparable, but Fury is slightly better, it might easily be the situation that these two swap places, both specs are extremely good and you'll probably play both specs in Mythic Plus a high level real top-end Warrior player since there will be some encounters or dungeons where Fury is preferable to Arms or Arms is preferable to Fury, overall, it's easy to have one Warrior spec in A-tier DPS.

7. Feral Druid - A Tier

Feral Druid is kind of clunky, but it is likely to be decent in M+ content and it'll be quite strong in Season 2, it continues to be slightly outshined by Boomkin, which continues to be nerfed, Feral might get to be the meta spec, also it brings such things as Ursol's Vortex.

8. Windwalker Monk - B Tier

Coming in the B-tier DPS specs, Windwalker Monk isn't quite doing the damage at this time and it's good when it comes to its utility and tackiness, it certainly is been decent for you, however, it does not scale quite as well. For Windwalker, you do not interact much with secondary stats, as well as your scaling isn't that great, your tier sets are decent, contrary got much more of an AOE focus here than before, so it's probably likely to be great for Mythic plus, but it is not likely to stay at A, you will find so many other good melee specs.

9. Arms Warrior - B Tier

Arms Warrior is comparable to Fury Warrior, you can even switch their positions, but Fury is preferred within this tier list.

10. Survival Hunter - B Tier

Survival includes a decent possibility of being great for Mythic+, now at the moment it does not get brought since the other Hunter specs are simply better, specifically BM Hunter. Survival Hunter still could see some play since it is doing excellent damage, it might even jump up to A, there is a slight chance that people can see some buffs within the next season.

11. Frost Death Knight - B Tier

Neither of the Death Knight specs is likely to be met simply because they can't perform a lot of damage, they're both similar, but Frost might find more play and Frost DK is the foremost spec. Moving into Season Two, especially with the tier set changes, which for Frost is extremely good, it's put one tier above Unholy

12. Unholy Death Knight - C Tier

Unholy DK is losing possibly the best tier set and also the test isn't quite as good, we aren't seeing Unholy getting played since there aren't mass AOE or target boosts, as well as that a part of its kit gets changed,

13. Assassination Rogue - C Tier

The last first is Assassination Rogue, which is ranked within the C tier. It includes a good set, nevertheless, its kit isn't nearly as good as Outlaw, it's focusing more on this bleed damage, so you're likely to be spamming crimson tempests.

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