There are several reasons why the machine head is stuck:

The first is insufficient lubricating oil. Insufficient lubricating oil may have the following reasons:

1) Long-term shutdown (including transportation), insufficient oil inside the machine head, resulting in instant oil shortage, resulting in jamming, so for long-term shutdown equipment, add sufficient oil to the machine head before starting the machine;

2) Insufficient oil supply, including untimely replacement or addition of lubricating oil, or blockage and leakage of the oil circuit, resulting in the engine head being stuck due to lack of oil

Followed by direct contact with the rotor, locked. include:

a. The bearing is aging and wears seriously. As the running time of the air compressor increases, the bearings of the main engine will inevitably wear out, resulting in changes in the gap between the screw and the screw, and between the screw and the shell of the main engine. This clearance change is normal within the life of the bearing, and the resulting attenuation of the air compressor's gas production and the increase in the load of the drive motor are also normal.

b. There are too many impurities, including impurities in the oil, carbon deposits, and coking. Therefore, the selection and replacement of lubricating oil is very important; such accidents are more likely to occur when using inferior lubricating oil or using it for an extended period of time.

Treatment method: 

1. It must be dismantled and inspected. 

2. Soak it with the cleaning agent for stuck head, and it can be restored in about five hours.

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