When the air compressor is in operation, it has the characteristics of high temperature and loud noise. The high temperature of the air compressor is generated when the air is compressed. This part of the heat comes from the compressed oil and air mixture. After the oil and gas are separated, the high-temperature compressed air and high-temperature lubricating oil produced must be cooled by the cooling system before they can be used.

In the power consumption of the air compressor, the part converted into the heat energy of the air compressor has already accounted for 90%. It is conceivable that the contained heat energy is very large.

The hot water produced by the waste heat recovery of the air compressor can usually reach 50-60 degrees. Although the temperature required by the factory process is often not reached, it can be used to heat the boiler to replenish water, reduce the fuel consumption of the boiler, and achieve a large saving of hot water. cost purposes.

At the same time, the waste heat recovery system of the air compressor can replace the function of the original cooling system, quickly reduce the temperature of the oil and gas, increase the service life of the lubricating oil, and improve the quality of compressed air gas production, thereby prolonging the life of the air compressor and reducing maintenance costs. .

During the long-term continuous operation of the screw air compressor, the electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy, and the mechanical energy is converted into wind energy. In the process of converting mechanical energy into wind energy, the air is strongly compressed at high pressure, causing its temperature to rise. This is the general phenomenon of mechanical energy conversion in physics. , the high-speed rotation of the mechanical screw also generates friction and heat. The high heat generated by the air compressor is mixed with lubricating oil to form oil/gas steam and discharged from the body. The heat of this part of the high temperature/air flow is equivalent to 80% of the input power of the air compressor. , its temperature is usually 80 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, the heat energy is all discharged into the atmosphere due to the temperature requirements of the machine operation, that is, the heat dissipation system of the air compressor to complete the temperature requirements of the machine operation.

The air compressor water heater uses the principle of heat energy conversion to recover and convert the heat emitted by the air compressor into the water. After the water absorbs the heat, the water temperature will rise. The operating temperature of the air compressor unit will drop. The air compressor water heater is not a simple and traditional form of cold and heat exchange, but uses the same-pass cut-off reverse series technology to greatly increase the effect of cold and heat exchange by 1.8 to 2.0 times.

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