You can receive your $100 Welcome bonus without any deposit. During the promotion period; you can access our free copy trade system where you can receive free high quality trading signals. All profits from trades can be withdrawn.Start your CWG trading journey now.

Earn a $100 Welcome Bonus with No Deposit Required. Throughout the promotional period, you'll have access to our free copy trade system, which provides high-quality trading signals at no cost. All profits generated from trades are withdrawable. Begin your CWG trading journey today!

Who is eligible for the $100 Welcome Account and how can they apply?

This promotion is exclusively available to new clients who have not previously registered any trading accounts with CWG. To apply, individuals need to open an Instant Account (MT4) in the "Client Zone" and subscribe to a signal within the CWG Copy Trade community. Each client can participate only once. Please refrain from applying for multiple CWG accounts, as it may impact your eligibility for the Welcome Bonus Account.

What is the duration of the trading period for the Welcome Bonus Promotion, and can the leverage be adjusted?

The trading period for the Welcome Account Bonus Promotion is 7 days starting from the arrival of the $100 bonus. During this promotional trading period, the leverage for foreign exchange is set at 1:1000, for gold it is 1:400, and for silver it is 1:200. Please note that the leverage cannot be adjusted.

How can profits be withdrawn after completing two standard lots during the promotion period?

After completing two standard lots (limited to foreign exchange, gold, and silver trades) during the trading period, you can choose "Profit Conversion" to apply for profits (up to $100) in the "Client Zone, Promotion Center". Verification will be completed within 1 working day. Once your verification is approved, the deposit channel will be opened.

You must deposit into your account within 30 days and complete at least 0.1 standard lot of trading (calculated only for foreign exchange, gold, and silver trades). After trading, click on "Profit Realization" in the Promotion Center to transfer the earned profits (credits) into your account balance, which can be used for future trades or withdrawals. visit our website CWG Markets.