A dissertation can take two to five years to complete. However, the later you finish the task, the lesser your chances of submitting your dissertation before the deadline. Experts providing dissertation help in the UK suggests the following steps complete your dissertation in just two years.


1.Backwards Mapping from the D-Day

Begin with noting down the pass-out date and start calculating back. The defence dissertation will probably be one and a half months before the D-day. Going through this step for your dissertation writing will help you understand the assessing committee’s recommended changes for the final submission.

So, discuss the table of contents and bibliography a month before submission to avoid any last moment changes.

2.Plan your research time

When you know how much time you have for research and writing your paper, you can plan accordingly. Traditionally it could take six months to a year. However, you can divide 60% of your time into conducting smaller studies. Varying with research methodology and depth of research, you may collect the data within 2-3 months and take another couple of months to analyse.

If you feel that you do not have enough time to write the chapters, you can then seek dissertation writing help in the UK.

3.Shovel information in the right place

With research consuming so much time, you are only left with four months to prepare the first three chapters, the proposal and IRB permission for your study. Begin with copy-pasting the headings and table of contents in the original document. Then, send the copy to your mentor for review.

If you find it challenging to do the entire task all by yourself, feel free to avail of dissertation writing services from professionals and scholars.

4.Writing the final draft

While writing the final draft, start with the research methodology. It is the most crucial chapter of your research work. Then move towards chapter 2, which concentrates on your understanding of other articles and books of your research genre.

Finally, write chapter 1 explaining what you have discussed in which chapter of your dissertation without explaining too much of what you have discussed in each chapter.

You can complete your dissertation in 2 years with proper planning by implementing the points mentioned above. However, if you fail to keep up the pace, look for quality dissertation help in the UK immediately without wasting any further time.

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