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The kinetic energy and sports science research

A review of nuclear physics and human energy consumption

A report on the role of physics in global warming reduction

An in-depth study of the concepts under which an atomic bomb works.

How physics has grown over the years and why it is important in society

Biophysics: Manipulating biomolecules for biomedical or biotechnological applications.

Fermionic current from topology with applications to higher-dimensional nanophysics

Using alloy nanoribbon lateral heterostructures for enhancing the performance of photodetectors

Cultural synthesis of theoretical Physics and mathematics

What are the implications of binary black-hole mergers?

Electron energy distribution and plasma parameters in inductively coupled argon plasma

Mimicking condensed matter physics in ultracold atomic gases in optical lattices

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Astrophysics: Understanding genetic algorithms

Design and installation of photovoltaic energy systems

Using ground-based gamma-ray detectors to study high energy astrophysics

Applications of dark optical solitons

Basic issues and applications in microfluidics

Verification, and predictive capability in computational engineering

Analyzing Multifractal phenomena in Physics

Studying the physics of non-hermitian degeneracies

Mathematical and Geometrical Physics and applications

Continuous range sequence analysis is Physics

Magnetic field sensor study on a microfiber coupler covered with a Sagnac loop

Invisibility cloaking scheme by evanescent fields distortion

 Detection of wormholes using quantum Physics

Using light-driven phonons for ultrafast control of magnetic interactions

Shared portfolio networks: Systematic stress test model

Analyzing quantum sensors for microscopic tunnelling systems

Non-collinear antiferromagnetic textures imaging via single spin relaxometry

Complex phase equilibria and piezomagnetic switching in uranium dioxide

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