In ISO 27001 Certification in Oman one of the major rules for good communication is to modify your speech to the target audience. ISO 27001 has its position of terms, that is useful to leverage the understanding between security practitioners. Nevertheless, an organization is more than its security personnel. Top management, middle management, line workers clients, and many other people make interact with the business, and they are required to understand information security, too.


The major issue is, if you use only ISO 27001 terms, chances are good that you will get people confused, and confused people make a little help in securing the business information. Therefore, you have to make security information easy and simple to understand from their point of view. This leads us to this article, to show some ISO 27001 terms translated into more common business words that will help you in the process of explaining ISO 27001 and the certification process.


ISO 27001 main terms through new words

These are the major following are some of the most common and important searched terms concerning ISO 27001, and how you can represent them in a way we consider easy to explain:


Audit checklist: A set of information used to help to make sure something was done or made as expected. A wish list is a best example of a checklist. A pre-flight checklist is another great example. A list with a typical mandatory item (from ISO or defined by your organization) is another example.


Certification: In ISO 27001 Certification in Chennai confirmation that a process, person, product, or system has revealed that it has attained predefined criteria. A scholarship certification authenticated that a person has attended the necessary courses and revealed the knowledge to earn a designation or be allowed to make use of a profession. A security certification confirms that a person or a process or a system has attained predefined security criteria (e.g., ISO 27001, PCI, etc.).


Certification process: A process through which a person or a process or a system or a product goes to reveal it has attained predefined criteria. Trying on shoes to find the most comfortable fit is the best example of a certification process realization. If your organization systematically verifies results or a product against predefined criteria, then it has a certification process. If the criteria are interconnected to security, then you have a security certification process.

Certified company: Any organization that has revealed it has achieved predetermined criteria. An ISO 27001 certified company has attained the compulsory requirements defined by the ISO 27001 standard.


Controls: Methods that are used to minimize or avoid the undesired outputs. You look to both sides before crossing a lane to avoid being trashed by a car. The airbag can reduce damage in a car crash. Any practice you use at your organization to avoid problems and issues or minimize their consequences are controls.


Gap analysis: In ISO 27001 Certification in Nigeria Any practice used to compare real and expected or the potential performance, to recognize in which your items are ok and in which the ones you have to improve or observe with, helping you determine what you need to do to meet the proposed outputs.


ISMS (Information Security Management System): As a part of the overall management system to secure information security. An HR management system will be taking care of human resources. A financial management system takes care of the assets, income, expenses, and many more.


ISMS policy: The management statement about what it anticipates from those who connect with the organizations’ information, related to its use and protection.


Lead Auditor: A person who is efficient in executing and planning the steps necessary to verify if a person or a process or a system or a product attains predefined criteria. Any individual in your organization that, using predefined criteria, can execute and plan the verification of process or the products can be concerned a lead auditor.


Lead implementer: A person who is efficient in planning and executing the steps required to apply a process according to predefined criteria. Any individual in your organization that, using predefined criteria, can execute and plan the execution of a process can be concerned a lead implementer.


Risk assessment: Any systematic process to recognize and deal with risk according to predefined criteria. Clint Eastwood’s movie Dirty Harry is one of the best examples of risk assessment. Another example is The Matrix movie


Standard: Any set of concur rules about how to attain something. The colour pattern of a traffic light is the best example of a standard. If your organization always uses the same application to protect information communication, it has a communication security standard.


Statement of applicability: A document in which you proclaim what controls you consider relevant, and their objectives, based on your business requirements. If you do a medical check-up yearly to make sure you are healthy is good and to improve your chances to live longer, and put that practice (control) in a document, this could be taken as a health document of applicability.


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