With more than 64% of shoppers switching to online purchases, brick-and-mortar stores are a thing of the past. From groceries to luxury buys, booking a doctor, to hiring an essay writer – you can find everything online today. So, it is high time that you get an online store for your business or set up digital means of accepting payments and more. But how do you build a website? In this article know about the top Ecommerce Platforms.

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Today, building a website isn’t a challenge any longer, thanks to the many eCommerce platforms. However, finding the best eCommerce software can be a pertinent hurdle. It can be but does not have to be. So, here I am with a comprehensive guide with the best eCommerce platforms for 2021, with their top features and prices.

Read on and choose one to give shape to your eCommerce dream. Here you go!

Besides being a prominent name in the POS solutions market, Square is also an excellent eCommerce platforms. I suggest Square to all those businesses that deal with vast quantities of inventory due to the platform’s automatic inventory sync feature. But that’s not all the platform has to offer.


Notable Features:

  • If your company offers services like medical assistance, essay writing help, or pick-up facilities, Square is the best option.
  • The platform lets you book appointments, hire service providers, arrange deliveries.
  • You can also use Square to boost the SEO of your existing website and reach more customers.

There are no monthly pricing plans, and you will be charged per booking/delivery/pick-up. Click here to know more about the pricing details.

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