The establishment of Coinbase took place around a decade before in the year 2012 in June. It is a public American company with its headquarters situated in the California, San Francisco. However, due to the COVID, the company decided to shut down all of its corporate offices and began the work-from-home rule. Coinbase App is a crypto trading exchange that allows people to purchase, and sell any of the crypto assets, whenever they want. You can either use the Coinbase App or the browser extension to execute the services provided by this platform.

This blog is not about the review of the Coinbase platform, here we will go on about the reasons why you might face the delaying of transactions on the Coinbase. So, if you are an existing user of it and facing the same issue, then you must read on to the blogs we present you with here.

Causes behind Account disabling

Are you facing the trouble of your account being disabled without knowing the root cause behind it? If yes, then do not worry because we’ve got you. In this section of the blog, we will provide you with the answers to why you could have been going through this issue. So, take a look below to learn the reasons for your Coinbase App account disabling. 

If the platform spots any kind of suspicious activity in your account, then it will temporarily shut off the working of your account. A user can also ask the customer support executive to disable their account if they feel that their account is in any possible threat. To avoid getting into situations like this, it is better to put on some additional security measures to secure your account. The measures such as putting on the 2-factor authentication that would prevent the unauthorized logins to the account. Further, you can also try to change your login password for the Coinbase App after every 5-6 months. 

How to recover the Coinbase Account?

The account recovery has never been easy, but we can try to perform some of the solutions that could help with the activation. So, take a look at what we have mentioned below:

  1. The first and foremost method to follow up is to change the password you’ve used for the login. Remember that the newly set password must not be the same as the one you’ve used previously. Also, make the login password a bit more complicated making it tough to crack by the hackers.
  2. Another method is to contact the support services and ask them for the activation of your Coinbase App account. On the help page, you may find the methods of contacting the support service team. Opt for any of the methods you find suitable to contact for help.

We, sincerely hope that our measures helped you to tackle the issue that you might have been going through. 

Summing it Up!

The support services are available for both the Coinbase App and the browser extension as well. However, the two of these platforms does have some of the distinct features as well. You can get to learn about those differences if you research them. In this blog, we tried to tell you the reasons for your Coinbase account being disabled and the methods to contact their customer services. We hope that now you can do your Coinbase Sign-in without facing any problems. To grasp some more information about this platform you can visit the blog page of this exchange and read out the posted content for the information.