The big bad Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is undoubtedly Eternatus. Its huge poison is incredibly powerful. Its destructive power is amazing. Even if Eternatus in its Eternamax cannot be used after being captured, its high speed, high attack, and high special attack can still be its advantage.

Dynamax Cannon

This is Eternatus's signature move. It deals Special damage, carries a Dragon-typing, which is very powerful. Dynamax Cannon does twice the damage in the event the target is usually a Pokemon rolling around in its Dynamax form. Even on regular-sized creatures, it will a massive volume of damage by using these a high Special Attack stat.


Speaking of the resistance to Poison moves, it's hard to omit Steel-type Pokemon. Flamethrower is really a fantastic coverage proceed to deal with them. It can also help deal damage elsewhere. That is because it may cause Burn, which has a 10% chance. That will chip away at enemies minimizing their Attack stat in the operation. Then I bought Eternatus at for $1.59.

Shadow Ball

Eternatus is definitely an all-out attacker. This moveset is rounded out with Shadow Ball. This is another coverage move by incorporating very useful advantages. It deals massive Special Ghost-type damage and includes a chance to lower the Special Defense with the target Pokemon. That creates nicely for all those sorts of damage being done through the four moves of Eternatus.

Sludge Wave

Sludge Wave is often a STAB move, in addition to Dynamax Cannon. If the battle can be a Double Battle, Sludge Wave will hit all opposing Pokemon. It also incorporates a 10% probability of Poisoning. Sludge Wave could be the main move Eternatus uses against Pokemon which does not have effectiveness Poison.

Dynamax Cannon, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, and Sludge Wave are its strongest moves. This is not a pokemon of Shiny Pokemon, but it is also a favorite of players. For players willing to buy Shiny Pokemon, will Eternatus be your choice?