Boss with your friends, this is what people did before their deaths if there was no risk. Boss with friends like you're currently doing, but realize that if you don't get the blessing, you will only be OSRS Gold responsible for you as you will be eating random strangers big fat heaps of loot. I'm sure you're free of this nonsense debate.

The wilderness that was once present it was a long time ago. The PKing Community in RuneScape had a decent group. First, we were asked "dm?" Prior to attacking someone, we asked "dm?" Before we attacked or fought anyone. We wanted to make sure that the person was prepared and we could have a fun, clean, fair fight.

People actually have dm-ed. Many times in RuneScape these days I'll request someone "dm?" In order to get an "sure" answer, or "yes", I will always have them go to the bank after just a few minutes.

We also put our top accounts against one another, our mains. The statistics were balanced, so this was more fun. We now have pures that are completely unbalanced. This makes PKing less enjoyable.

Is it me, or has the communities of PKing lost their credibility in the past? These are just a few examples, but there may be numerous others. Do you think integrity will be restored once the old wilderness comes back? Or are you just an avid fan of the RuneScape world to Buy RuneScape Gold get annoyed?