When you are writing on a topic that you are fond of, there’s a high chance of you getting carried away with your words. Let’s not forget that there’s a word limit for all assignments. To help you keep your word count in check, one of the most efficient tools available online is a word counter tool.

What Is A Word Counter Tool?

A word counter tool is a program developed with the latest programming languages to help a writer count the total number of words and characters in a written document. It also provides an extensive report on the number of words, paragraphs, unique words, long words, syllables, and more.

Some of the famous words counting tools found online are Wordcount.co, Word Counter, Word Count Jet, word count tool, count on it, etc. All these tools are handy and run smoothly on popular web browsers such as Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome.

5 Top Advantages of Using a Word Counting Tool

If you are still on two minds about the efficiency of using an online word counting tool, read through the benefits:
1. Saves your time and effort:
Imagine the time you have to invest in manually checking the number of word count for every paragraph of your dissertation. You can spend that time doing some other work. By using an automatic word counting tool, you can save yourself from unnecessary hassles.
2. Highly efficient and easy to use:
Using an online tool is no rocket science. You can use it from any browser on your notepad, laptop, desktop, or smartphone. Select the paragraph and paste it on the empty text box and choose a suitable option to get instant results.
3. No additional subscription required:
When you are using an online word counting tool, there’s no need for downloading other software for the smooth functioning of this tool. With no additional downloads, your desktop or laptop is safe from malware. Also, there’s no subscription or user limit.
4. Generates 100% accurate results in no time:
While checking a file of 10000 words manually, you are likely to make a few unintentional counting errors. However, you can bid farewell to the chances of making mistakes when you use a word counter tool. It generates 100% correct results in record-breaking time.
5. Saves you from poor grades:
Technology is evolving with each passing day. Developers continuously work to enhance the performance of a tool. The latest word counters are developed using advanced algorithms and come with additional features. These tools not only generate the word count but also highlight grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. You can rectify these mistakes on the go to make your paper flawless.
Word counter is a valuable tool when you are working on a thesis or a research paper. Your teacher expects comprehensive work from your end but within the targeted word limit. So, use this tool to save your time, reduce your labor, and complete your work with utmost efficiency.

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