Stage truss aluminum light stands are usually built using aluminum alloy trusses, which have light weight and high strength, and have a small footprint. The leaping structure can adapt to indoor and outdoor needs without damaging the interior wall buildings and furniture.

Because of the quick installation, stage truss aluminum can be designed and built for any terrain, and it is very convenient to move and store, and can be decorated with lights at will. Therefore, stage truss aluminum light stand is the best choice for lighting effects.

The stage truss aluminum light frame is mainly composed of a base, aluminum alloy truss, reverse head, diagonal brace, square sleeve, cross arm, and gourd (hand-held or electric).

Stage lighting stand base: mainly used to stabilize the entire stand.

Stage lighting rack reverse head: used when the height of the building is high, and the role of erecting a higher height is achieved through the reverse head.

Oblique support of stage lighting frame: used to support the stability of the entire system of aluminum alloy truss.

Square set of stage lighting frame: The height of the beam can be easily adjusted through the square set.

Stage light frame cross arm: At the top of the truss, it is mainly used for hanging the gourd.

Stage lighting frame hoist: It can be divided into two types, hand-pulled and electric hoist, used for lifting aluminum alloy trusses.

Stage lighting frame sling: the tie that connects the gourd to the aluminum alloy truss.