While writing an essay, students find it challenging to choose a great title to impress their teachers. Moreover, many college students face writer’s block situations and hard to think of innovative essay ideas. Thus, they search for assignment help that makes their assignment task easier and fruitful. In this write-up, you will find more than 30 topics on various essays, including descriptive, persuasive, argumentative, and expository. Moreover, you will see some great titles on technology, literature, history, science, sociology, pedagogy, etc.    


Describe if COVID 19 can affect other animals rather than a human being and why? 

How will COVID 19 change student’s life?

Detail discussion on self-isolation- Pros and cons 

Have you learned any particular lesson during quarantine? 

What are the challenges people have faced during the pandemic? 

Have you lost anyone due to COVID- 19? Pen down your emotion on this.

The changing education system during COVID 19

Things you enjoyed about quarantine

The influence of mass media on pandemic panic

The role of WHO and UNESCO during the pandemic

Write down your achievement during quarantine 

What are prevention should be taken before the third wave

The governmental role of vaccination in third world countries

How personal relationships have changed during COVID-19

What could have been done to prevent the spread of the virus?


Describe the difference between industrial, creative, and information technology.

Modern-day technology- A boon or bane?

The strong link between technology and science 

What is the negative part of technology?    

Why doesn’t a Academic Writing Service use paid writing tools? Discuss the pros and cons.  

The aspects of modern technology 

Java or Python- which is the future?

What would life be without intelligent technology?

Choose one gadget and discuss its pros and cons.

Imagine the technology and its evolution after 30 years


Should plastic be banned?

Conflicts between pollution and urbanization 

Recent global-warming warning for the world 

What do you mean by desertification, and how is it harmful to the environment?

The impact of groundwater pollution on agriculture. Discuss the prevention factor.    


Online education Vs. conventional classroom education: which one is more effective and why?

Is there any beneficial side of playing video games in the education process? 

Are examinations the best way to evaluate the knowledge of students?

Are your small online classes more effective than the traditional classroom?

What are the best advantages of hiring an case study writing help for online students?  

The bullying in school

The parental guidance or influence in their children’s education 

The decision making ability enhances children’s personality 

Wrapping up!

Here we have discussed more than 25 topics in various essays. To get better essay titles and assignments- do hire a professional essay writer.       

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