The shot meter has received new Nba 2k22 Mt look and feel this year. With a new scale that players can use to measure their shots it isn't easy to master. The new shot measurement has been the source of many issues since its introduction. We'll show you how to master NBA 2K22 shooting on your MyPlayer. Although 2K Games have changed the shooting meter of NBA 2K22, they've not altered the methods that players are able to shoot during the game. There are two methods to shoot the ball. The first is through the Pro Stick (right joystick) or a single button. If you're playing on PlayStation you'll be using the Square button to shoot, while Xbox gamers will use the X button, and both consoles are going to use the Right Joystick, or better called the Pro Stick. The difference between these two shooting methods is their accuracy. The Pro Stick is going to give more room for error compared to Button shooting but it's also going to allow players to be more precise in getting the perfect shots. If you're brand new to basketball we suggest you test Button shooting for the first little while and you'll have the best chance of success than Pro Stick shooting, but veteran players in the 2K series should use the Pro Stick method instead. For assessing the quality of your shots during matches, the new shot meter in NBA2K22 was introduced. You won't need a lot of metering in order to hit the perfect shot when there are two players within the shot. 2K will make you be more thoughtful when taking a shot. Instead of relying on your natural shooting skills to get you there, The shot meter is identical to those of previous versions, but it will be different based upon the quality of the shot. The badges are benefits which your player earned through playing NBA 2K22. The way you set up your MyPlayer account will determine the number of shooting badges your player is able to use. There's an array of options in this area which will be able make a huge difference in shooting NBA 2K22, and we're going to run over some of the best below. All of these will increase the shooting gauge in certain manners and enable players to get better shooting numbers from certain areas of the court. When it all boils down to shooting, the first thing you're going to want to master is timing. This is important because the moment you're used to your player's shot meter and figure out where they're at their best, it should be buy nba 2k22 mt coins possible to let go of the button/pro stick in the exact moment. As with all sports, some specifics of the game can take a while to learn. Shooting is one of the sports in NBA 2K. But, using specific MyPlayer badges and builds going to provide dividends in the long run.