The average value you achieve from finishing a Master Clue Scroll should be approximately 1 million gold coins. Additionally, the more simple clues can have high values of reward in relation to RuneScape Gold the time you spend doing the clues. This is why Clue Scrolls can be categorized as a decent money making method in OSRS.

At the end of every Treasure Trail, a player will dig up the ground to find the Reward Casket. It's located at one of six rarities which correspond to the difficulty of the completed trail. The box you get can either be intermediate, beginner medium, hard, elite, or master. Inside of the first one you can anticipate from one to three rewards and inside the second one , it will range from two to four.

The third casket gives you 3 to 5. Both hard and elite caskets include between four and six cash prizes. The master casket can have up to seven. Each of the rewards is rolled individually from the loot table, so you could receive the same item a couple of times in one casket. When you've completed all of the steps you'll receive one casket with a reward which is randomly picked from a pool determined by the difficulty of your scroll.

Below we'll highlight the requirements at the highest level, that may be required to complete a Treasure Trail. Be aware that you can only complete tasks that do not require any levels of skill and, therefore, in some cases the requirements listed aren't essential. However, if you plan to harvest Clue Scrolls to earn gold or other rewards You will need to be able to meet the required requirements in the end.

In addition to the skill requirements, tasks of RuneScape 3 Gold medium difficulty to above may have quest requirements. Quests are not always mandatory, as simply starting them will often grant the player access points that you have to access.