If you are an old Diablo 2 player, you must know the importance of the Horadric Cube. Horadric Cube can combine two items to make a key item, besides, it can also serve as an additional purpose for storage. So where can I find the Horadric Cube?

Where to find Horadric Cube in Diablo 2 Resurrected

The Horadric Cube appears in Chapter 2 of Diablo II, in a chest at the end of the 3rd floor of the Hall of the Dead. It's a key item found in the Diablo 2 Resurrected, so you can't miss it and can be used to combine the King's Staff and Viper Amulet into a Horadric Staff.

How to use Heradric's cube

You just put items into the cube and press a button to combine them. You can also use the Horadric Cube as extra bag space for everything that doesn't fit in your regular inventory. This feature can be ignored by many people, but it is really useful in critical moments.

Diablo 2 Risen Horadric Cube Recipe

RPGStash divides Horadric Cube recipes into five types, which are Consumable items, Equipment, Runes, Item changes, and Jewellery. Here is the Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes Horadric Cube recipe:

    Eld Rune: El Rune x3
    Tir Rune: Eld Rune x3
    Nef Rune: Tir Rune x3
    Eth Rune: Nef Rune x3
    Ith Rune: Eth Rune x3
    Tal Rune: Ith Rune x3
    Ral Rune: Tal Rune x3
    Ort Rune: Ral Rune x3
    Thul Rune: Ort Rune x3
    Amn Rune: Thul Rune x3 + Chipped Topaz x1
    Sol Rune: Amn Rune x3 + Chipped Amethyst x1
    Shael Rune: Sol Rune x3 + Chipped Sapphire x1
    Dol Rune: Shael Rune x3 + Chipped Ruby x1
    Hel Rune: Dol Rune x3 + Chipped Emerald x1
    Io Rune: Hel Rune x3 + Chipped Diamond x1
    Lum Rune: Io Rune x3 + Flawed Topaz x1
    Ko Rune: Lum Rune x3 + Flawed Amethyst x1
    Fal Rune: Ko Rune x3 + Flawed Sapphire x1
    Lem Rune: Fal Rune x3 + Flawed Ruby x1
    Pul Rune: Lem Rune x3 + Flawed Emerald x1
    Um Rune: Pul Rune x3 + Flawed Diamond x1
    Mal Rune: Um Rune x2 + Topaz x1
    Ist Rune: Mal Rune x2 + Amethyst x1
    Gul Rune: Ist Rune x2 + Sapphire x1
    Vex Rune: Gul Rune x2 + Ruby x1
    Ohm Rune: Vex Rune x2 + Emerald x1
    Lo Rune: Ohm Rune x2 + Diamond x1
    Sur Rune: Lo Rune x2 + Flawless Topaz x1
    Ber Rune: Sur Rune x2 + Flawless Amethyst x1
    Jah Rune: Ber Rune x2 + Flawless Sapphire x1
    Cham Rune: Jan Rune x2 + Flawless Ruby x1
    Zod Rune: Cham Rune x2 + Flawless Emerald x1

With this guide, you'll have an easier time crafting a usable D2R Runeword. And if you want to craft gear, it may take multiple times to get the highest high score for your gear, but it's much quicker to harness the power of the cube instead of hunting through countless dungeons to find the perfect weapon or armor for your class.

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