In all over the world, the trend-setting group of the world's top trendsetters are preparing so religiously for their winter and summer vacations. From the luxurious beaches on the French Riviera to the picturesque islands desert safari dubai deals of Crete and Crete, from the casinos of Monaco to the serene luxury of the Maldives It is easy to discover these kinds of individuals gambling at the casino tables, stretched across their reclining benches on the beach, or soaking in the warm or cool waters of the nearest pool. The onlooker would eye them with a bit of envy, because they'd rightly be envious of their luxurious lifestyle. But they've earned it, so why should we. ....

When you've the funds, the time and the inclination to go, why not decide to make Dubai your base for the next holidays? Contrary to the Western notion of a vast desert Dubai is transforming itself into a prestigious tourist destination worthy of world standards and appreciation. Not the quiet fishing town of the past, Dubai is today an combination of many buildings and events that are designed to make use of and attraction to the traveler, no matter what they are looking for or country of origin.

It's impossible to resist curiosity, and the very presence of world-class facilities at just a few steps away can pique the curiosity of even most secluded tourist. In fact, the entire occasion is more likely to be understated than overstated. At any given moment, there is so much happening across the length and breadth of Dubai that one could be confused about how best to spend her time. From world class court tennis to courses for golf and from Formula 1 racing tracks to white pristine sandy beaches like Jumeirah, Dubai has it all. In terms of miracles and marvels, Dubai also has an ice skate rink that keeps at a perfect temperature all year round. This is just one of the many marvels and speaks of the genius of scientific research. Talk about creating an ice skating rink in the middle of a desert climate! But that's not all. Dubai also boasts its fair share of the tallest, longest and broadest - all designed to attract the tourist or weary traveler. You can go to Dubai's Burj Hotel, described as the most luxurious seven-star hotel in the world. Or go on a desert safari, visit the Mall of the Emirates or take a boat ride across the strait which separates Deira from Bur Dubai. Dubai is home to a cultural district encapsulating its history, and museums, as well as a number of malls. There is also a Summer and a Winter Festival.

Living in Dubai either for a short or long-term offers a multitude of opportunities. There is a wide choice of Dubai luxurious apartments for the well-off, and Dubai holiday apartments that allow for a one-to two months stay. The most expensive end of the spectrum can be found Dubai holiday villas and Dubai luxury villas that vary from lavish displays to luxurious opulence that is subtle. Dubai is a place that can meet your needs and your lifestyle, so make sure to share the experience.