There's no way to Lost Ark Gold tell how many long-time comics enthusiasts can honestly say that they've ever believed that they'd be able to imagine the day "Moon Knight" would feature such talented actors in it as Oscar Isaac and Ethan freaking Hawke and even receive an opulent Super Bowl trailer in front of an international audience who may or not be viewing this character for the very first time.

The latest footage provided fans the chance to explore and look at while waiting for the release of the Disney+ series, which was announced on the heels of Empire's announcement of 2 "Moon Knight"-themed cover designs for magazines. With physical copies coming out later this week and we're now getting even more information about the character, the ideas the creative team employed to bring him to life, and the specific tone Marvel is going for with the new series. 

To non-fans, this character is most often identified with Oscar Isaac doing an incredibly humorous voice, a controversial move that the actor is not going to back down from. For comic book readers who are aware of, "Moon Knight" and his Egyptian influences will give the MCU an identity that is unlike any other film or TV show associated with the franchise can boast about.

Contrary to popular belief films and television shows can actually play with diverse tones throughout the narrative instead of being restricted to only one particular mood. As dark and violent as "Moon Knight" could be, it would be logical to convey the same spirit of adventure and mythology-inspiring influences that shaped the Steven Spielberg classic.

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