How To Cite The Papers in IEE Format?

Information and data are important to be used at the time of writing assignments, projects, or research. Teachers and tutors strictly check whether the information included your dissertations, assignment or project research has a reliable source of information or not which increases the reliability of your research. But, how to source or cite information with reliable sources and in the right format. Have you heard about the IEE format? If not, here is some important point that needs to be taken into consideration. IEEE format is also known as the institute of electrical and electronics engineers which is a firm whose main aim is o provide to deliver better benefits to individuals. IEE has its type of referencing style and is recognized and applied globally. Here are some of the examples of writing IEE format:

In-text Citation:

1. Wolves have the innate ability to limit the size of their litters based on the availability of food[1].

More Than One Author Cited Reference

2. Smith and Jones found that a higher percentage of people comes into contact with viruses during winter[7].

In [7], it was analysed that using antibacterial soaps and wipes were not as effective in preventing illnesses as once suspected.

Students sometimes use the wrong format of IEE and cited the wrong references resulting in low effectiveness of the research and grades are deducted. If you are looking for online homework help several best assignment writing services available online can help you in providing knowledge and learning to write and cite the IEE format.

Types of Referencing

Referencing documents, papers, assignments are crucial because it helps the reader to check the additional information from the sources from which the data has been collected for the particular topic. There are many subjects for which the referencing is to be done such as English Dissertation Writing ServicesArchitecture Dissertation HelpGeography Dissertation help and so on. Hiring the assignment writing service helps you in scoring good marks and they let to enhance your knowledge in the field of writing with referencing, citations, assignment structure and more. There are different types of referencing styles:

  • APA: Variant of Harvard style and mostly include reference list instead of bibliography in APA style.

Ye, G., Hudders, L., De Jans, S., & De Veirman, M. (2021). The value of influencer marketing for business: A bibliometric analysis and managerial implications. Journal of Advertising, 50(2), 160-178.

  • MLA: Developed by modern language association consist of 2 parts: intext citation in body of essay, list of work cited attend of work.

Ye, Guoquan, et al. “The value of influencer marketing for business: A bibliometric analysis and managerial implications.” Journal of Advertising 50.2 (2021): 160-178.

  • Harvard: In this, the citations of intext are to be placed in brackets in the body of the text.

Ye, G., Hudders, L., De Jans, S. and De Veirman, M., 2021. The value of influencer marketing for business: A bibliometric analysis and managerial implications. Journal of Advertising, 50(2), pp.160-178.

Why Citation and Referencing Are Important?

Citations and referencing are important because they are the proof and evidence of information that has been used and applied within the dissertation, research, project or assignment are valid and reliable. Teachers and tutors check the citations and referencing and more whether they are in ascending alphabetically order not. Assignment writing services and assignment helper are accountable for providing assignment help to the students at reasonable prices. Essay Typist is the best assignment writing service you prefer to choose.

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