Emerging Ad tech Trend - Programmatic Advertising


Google’s initiative to have a cookieless world by 2023 is changing the advertising landscape. But how is programmatic advertising playing a pivotal role here? As data-driven marketing is in full gear, data-driven advertising has just come to light in the last few years. With Google’s announcement to make Chrome cookieless by 2023, the focus is on first-party data. Consumer data is a necessity for advertisers. Also, data privacy and consent are essential considerations before making company strategies.


The traditional advertising process has lengthy proposals, competitive tenders, costly quotes, and strategic negotiations. With the inclusion of tech, programmatic advertising makes all the fuss go away. It is an advanced way to place ads with algorithmic software that uses targetted audience data. It doesn’t matter how small or big your business is, you will need comprehensive data parameters to gain optimum ROI. Programmatic ad campaigns will yield maximum conversions as they are visible on consumers’ online display space when necessary.


From ABMs to DMPs - A satisfactory buyer’s journey consists of awareness, consideration, evaluation, and purchase. The blend of programmatic advertising and ABM strategies ensures exemplary customer experience and revenue profits. To be effective, programmatic advertising relies significantly on data. Most ad campaigns will mostly use many data sets, including First-party Data, Second-party Data, Third-party Data, and Zero Party Data. Data Management Platforms collect and segment all types of data to further use it in programmatic ad campaigns.


Programmatic Advertising works because of three factors – Efficiency, precision, and scalability. Programmatic Advertising is here to stay. Businesses need to get a better hang of how these tech systems work. Whether you are planning for in-house tech stacks or selecting a self-service platform, understand the pros and cons. 


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