Martech Interview with Lyle Underkoffler on Video Advertising


Lyle Underkoffler, Chief Marketing Officer at talks about video advertising trends and content creation in an Martech Interview on Video Advertising in the world of ad tech. The changes to measurement and attribution have given advertisers the chance to be playful again; advertisers should test new strategies, such as new creative elements, storylines, and moods.


With massive shifts in the advertising industry and consumer behavior continuing to pose challenges — from inefficient internal processes to fragmented messaging externally – we are zeroed in on addressing customer and industry needs while helping advertisers reach audiences with more engaging experiences along their digital journey. We are a platform focused on solving some of advertising’s most complex problems generating better results.


As a premium social media advertising solution, empowers teams to create smarter ads designed to scale across channels. With the shifts in privacy, we believe that the future centers on contextual advertising, creative testing, and data interoperability. Top three video advertising trends that every advertiser in 2022, In this new marketing landscape, brands rely on digital and social media advertising to keep their business thriving.


About Lyle Underkoffler - Lyle Underkoffler serves as’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), leading go-to-market (GTM) strategy for the company and focusing on the creation of revolutionary user experiences through a balance of creative intelligence and data insights. Underkoffler’s deep knowledge of performance marketing and product management is instrumental as continues its growth trajectory.


About Smartly - Powering beautifully effective ads. automates every step of social advertising to unlock greater performance and creativity. We are a global team of over 800+ Smartlies, building a platform that automates creative production and ad buying at scale. 


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