How To Include Live Streaming Into Your Marketing Plans


Video marketing remains a staple for today’s marketers. In a study conducted by Wyzowl, research suggests that 92% of marketers utilize high-quality video content as an important component of their strategies. However, if these companies are not creating videos in-house, cost-effectiveness goes down. The world of e-commerce has not (yet) thought of including live streaming in marketing plans as a profitable or accessible way to engage with potential buyers. This is why our team at Switcher Studio built a mobile video-creation solution — to empower businesses to sell their products live and look professional doing it.


Repurpose Livestream Content - Livestream content does not disappear after the feed has ended. For example, a 30-second clip from a livestream can be used as an asset for a Facebook ad. Marketers are able to archive streams and repurpose specific segments for other social media campaigns. These abilities add even more value to your content, giving you the ability to promote sales in the short-form content space. Switcher Studio offers users the option of creating both horizontal and vertical content, giving an opportunity for cross-promotion on all platforms.


At first glance, businesses may think of live selling techniques as being comparable to shopping channels on cable television. Or, they may recognize the limited capabilities of streaming directly on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Those who want to win the market should get ahead of the curve and include live streaming in their marketing plans.


The Marketing benefits of Live streaming - Livestreams give brands the chance to become the customer’s best friend. Through conversational language and a sense of spontaneity, these videos show authenticity in real time. In the context of e-commerce, live selling can drive sales more successfully than traditional online shopping for a few key reasons. 


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