An evening dress is a formal dress worn after 20:00 in the evening, also known as a night dress, dinner dress, or prom dress.

Ladies' evening dresses in the highest class, the most characteristic, fully display the personality of the dress style. Often matched with shawls, jackets, capes, and other clothes, gorgeous decorative gloves, and so on together constitute the overall outfit effect.

The following is the introduction to the basic tone of the evening dress.

Black Evening Dress

Black evening dress gives people a cold, mysterious, noble feeling while showing the woman's sexy nature. If more changes in style, or bright decoration, such as the hem of the skirt on the openwork lace, fabric embellished with dark flowers, or a different shawl, you can immediately break the feeling of black being too heavy so that women are charming.

White Evening Dress

White evening dresses, ethereal and noble temperament while symbolizing the flawless quality of women's whiteness. Evening dresses usually need bright accents to make them starry at night, glittering fabrics, ruffles, lace, sequins, or gems, glittering.

Red Evening Dress

Red is passionate and exuberant, and red evening dresses make women look more flirtatious. The bright red color will make the whole night burn. Therefore, ruffles can be added to the red fabric to balance the impact of red and make it softer and sweeter.

Flower Color Evening Dress

Floral evening dresses refuse to be a single dress: colorful and bright, decorated with new and chic. Ruffles, lace, beads, continuous but changing shape of the flower, the party shows elegant fashion.

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