Thankfully, with the right BBQ Grill Bag , you’ll protect your floor from any discoloration that may occur. It will also allow you to stand for long while preparing your barbeque.

Featuring strong and leak-proof materials, mats are the best products for those grilling seasons. But with several of them in the market, choosing the best can tricky. Some things to consider are material, cost, and size.

Hosting your friends and family for a barbeque party may seem cool until you are done. Because of the damage and stains, you may regret why you had the party in the first instance.

Read on to learn about The BBQ Grill Mat Tips and Advice

Smaller grill mats won’t fit a two or three burner gas or kettle-style grill.

Thicker construction is not always better, as they take longer to heat up.

Don’t overlap your grill mats when using more than one, as they have a tendency to stick together.

Some BBQ grill mat owners report problems with flareups along the mat’s edges.

Never place the grill mat directly on a bed of charcoal. Grill mats should always be between 5 and 7 inches above the heat source.

BBQ grill mats are not the best choice if you’re looking to sear or char your food.

Reviewers report that some grill mats allow juices to puddle, which can create a bit of a mess.

While most grill mats can simply be wiped clean using a soapy dish rag, they are dishwasher safe if you don’t want to wash them by hand.

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